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predictive maintenance

the right action at the right time

Using the latest IoT and AI technologies, asset intensive businesses can take the next leap in maintenance development. From corrective and preventive maintenance to predictive and prescriptive. The value is significant. Maintenance activities are not performed too late, hence increasing availability on assets. But not too early, thus avoiding unnecessary cost of maintenance.

Identified anomalies in the process are also valuable insights for the operation for process improvements. Simply put: the right action at the right time.

Nexer solutions are based on one of the following approaches, or in a combination thereof:


Based on known events, e.g. a breakdown of an asset, sensor data can be analyzed to build a model. The model can then detect when the same failure is about to happen again and give a warning or initiate a workorder in Maximo. Nexer solutions is based on technologies from IBM or Microsoft and are combined with our extensive know-how in maintenance and data analytics.


A pre-made industrialized solution analyzes a vast amount of data, often from several thousands of sensors and automatically identifies correlations between signals, thus in a high degree builds the model without the need of manual analytical work. The model then automatically detects anomalies that can be used for process optimization or to initiate a maintenance workorder in Maximo. Nexer offers several unsupervised machine learning solutions called Caverion Intelligence with proven results in the Nordic countries, e.g. a power plant recognized savings of 2,5 MEUR a year in avoided unplanned downtime. But also, a wide range of solutions included in the Maximo Application Suite.

Nexer Predictive Maintenance are fully integrated with Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and Asset Lifecycle Management in the Nexer Asset Management 360 Cloud Suite.

some of our customers

HITACHI (former ABB Transformers)

Göteborg Energi
HK Scan

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