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Are you in an asset-intensive business and feel the growing pressure to continuously improve your productivity while business requirements and risks are changing rapidly? Let us at Nexer Asset Management support you. We help our clients ramp up their businesses through long experience and our new cloud-based solution called Nexer Asset Management 360° Cloud Suite.

Nexer Asset Management 360° Cloud Suite improves and optimises

Our cloud-based solution Nexer Asset Management 360° Cloud Suite (Nexer AM360), developed together with our customers and partners, helps you improve, optimise and cut costs in your Enterprise Asset Management, through real-time insight into the status of your operations. It’s a solid platform that supports your transition into a fully mobile and digitalised maintenance operation. We base Nexer AM360 on IBM Maximo Application Suite 8, which we have enhanced with integrated in-house developed complementary solutions and best practices. For example, asset management, document management, information management, mobility, AI and predictive maintenance. Check out what Nexer AM360 can do for you:


Do you have thousands of various drawings and documents related to its assets in your company? Then finding the correct information just a little bit faster throughout the entire lifecycle of the assets can give you considerable savings in time and money. In Nexer AM360, the leading solution for information and master data management, IDES MasterConcept, is included. This enables you to get a completely seamless and integrated workflow between the building and commission into asset management. Nexer AM360 helps you with:


Plant, building and system information is growing to the extent that you have to structure the data. Nexer AM360 does that while complying with the most common standards within Engineering; IEC-ISO 81346, KKS, IEC 750, and SSG.


Engineering Data is essential for construction projects to ensure data quality, especially in projects involving many stakeholders. Increased control, traceability and ability to manage and transmit information, in your plant projects and EPC, after commissioning, is critical for minimising project lead times, obtaining an efficient handover to operations and maintenance systems.


Nexer AM360 is your central hub for all data around systems and assets. It enables you to structure and share all technical data and information about assets from all stakeholders in a project. Via Nexer AM360, you get away from the traditional management of documents as carriers of data, making it difficult to search, collect, and access information in both project and operational phases. The solution creates control over an immense amount of data passed on to operations and maintenance systems.


Nexer AM360 Engineering Data Management handles all data flow by project management to control the project phases and give traceability. Nexer AM360 caters to project organisations’ need to exchange asset data between the project organisation and the various suppliers. Here Nexer AM360 provides complete system support and tracks changes made by technical management and external suppliers during the project.


Want help with decision-making? Nexer AM360 can provide you with a virtual representation of an object or system that spans its lifecycle, is updated from real-time data, and uses simulation, machine learning and reasoning to help you make more substantiated decisions.


Need to be more efficient in your maintenance operations? Nexer Asset Management 360° Cloud Suite (Nexer AM360) supports you in being more efficient, with increased asset availability and extended asset lifetime and risk mitigation regarding, for example, health, safety, and environmental incidents.


Are you suffering from large amounts of costly rework and unexpected downtime in your operation, like many manufacturers, energy producers and transport organisations? If so, let Nexer AM360 be the solid platform that helps you transition into a fully mobile and digitalised maintenance operation.

We have based Nexer AM360 on the latest IBM technology, Maximo Application Suite 8. It’s a SaaS cloud solution that aims at aiding you in the Pursuit of Zero D. Pursuit of Zero D stands for the Pursuit of Zero Defects and the Pursuit of Zero Downtime. Nexer AM360 and the Maximo Application Suite delivers on both.

Learn how automotive manufacturers can avoid hundreds of defects a day in the video below.

The Nexer AM360 will help you:

Decrease total downtime
– Savings on unplanned downtime
– Reduction of maintenance activities
– Savings by preventive maintenance

Drive new value from data
– Reduce randomly appearing failures
– Put data collected from sensor-enabled assets to work
– Get an insight into asset criticality and replacement strategy

Collect and structure data
– Help you collect and structure the information needed for the following generation workers.

Decrease rework and material waste costs
– Collect and structure the information needed for the following generation workers


Many companies are experiencing improved quality inspections by 30% with the help of Maximo. Manual inspections are time-consuming and only catch up to 18% of issues. Rework, and material waste, can add up to 1.2% of annual revenue. Watch this video to learn how Toyota is partnering with IBM and Verizon to inspect thousands of connectors in their manufacturing plants every day.

Manual inspections and defects can cost you 3-4% of sales revenue in warranty claims and weeks in the inspection procedure updates. It’s no wonder 77% of manufacturers define computer vision as a top priority – computer vision technology can help you detect and correct manufacturing defects in real-time to avoid dangerous misbuilds and can deploy it in a matter of hours.


Do you sometimes feel that you perform your maintenance activities too late? Take your maintenance to the next level through Nexer Asset Management 360° Cloud Suite (Nexer AM360), built on the latest IoT and AI technologies. Nexer AM360 utilizes all your available data, learns and monitors the behaviour of your system 24/7, and delivers actionable insights for your O&M personnel in a very early stage. Nexer AM360 helps you go from corrective and preventive maintenance to predictive and prescriptive.

Maintenance at the right time
The value that Nexer AM360 brings you is significant. Maintenance activities are performed too late, hence increasing the availability of assets. But not too early either, thus avoiding the unnecessary cost of maintenance. Identified anomalies in the process are also valuable insights for the operation for process improvements. Simply the right action at the right time. Watch this video to learn how Sandvik transforms mining asset management with IoT and analytics.

Nexer AM360 is unique in the way it scales out-of-the-box. You can implement precisely customised algorithms for your most critical assets and equipment and implement a full-scale plant roll-out in a matter of weeks. You will meet the ROI targets in a couple of months.


Hydraulic oil pressure drop

Abnormal failure, corrected in time
Possible consequences – unavailability

CO and O2 did not match the power

Fuel quality was the actual problem
Possible consequences – lower efficiency, safety risk, CO corrosion

Low boiler water pH

Automation enhancements identified
Possible consequences – corrosion, hydrogen damage, unavailability

Oil temperature fluctuates

Oil temperature fluctuates after maintenance
Possible consequences – poor performance

Turbine vibrations increased

Broken valve and piping
Possible consequences – high financial impact (turbine and shutdown)

Primary air heater dp increased

Cleaning planned at next shutdown
Possible consequences – unavailability for 1 day

Flue gas fan failure

Serious breakdown, no other warnings
Possible consequences – unavailability

Hydrogen exhaust fan stopped

A fan was broken and repaired.
Possible consequences – safety risk in case of hydrogen leak

Cooling air fan broken

Flue gas fan bearing temp increase after the start
Possible consequences – unplanned shutdown. High financial impact

launch WEBINAR dec 16

Want to excel in Enterprise Asset Management? Welcome to the launch of AM360 from Nexer where we will show you how.

When: December 16, 10:00-11:00
Where: Online, we will send a link before the webinar
R.S.V.P. December 10

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With Nexer’s newsletter you get all the latest updates on everything we do.