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asset lifecycle management

An asset intensive operation normally has thousands of various drawings and documents related to its assets. To easily find information in both new design projects and

in the daily operation throughout the entire lifecycle of the assets is crucial. To find the right information just a little faster can represent huge savings in time and money.

structure your information

With Ides MasterConcept from Nexer all information is structured in three perspectives: Articles, Objects and Individuals. CAD tools are fully integrated. In design projects different stakeholders can collaborate over organization borders. Maintenance is planned already during the design phase. Well in operation, the information structure is integrated with Maximo asset registers so it’s easy to find all related information, such as drawings, specifications and workorder history for a particular object. And all is supported by the principles of Asset Management and ISO 55000.

MasterConcept has been developed for many years, together with the Swedish process industry and energy sector. For example, all Swedish nuclear power plants use MasterConcept with its support for quality-assured information management.

Nexer Plant Information Management based on MasterConcept is fully integrated with Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and Predictive Maintenance in the Nexer Asset Management 360 Cloud Suite.

sub-areas for masterconcept

ECO design
Electrical Engineering
Engineering Data Management
Engineering Document Management

Facility Management
Maintenance Management
Process Engineering
IEC-ISO Standards

Some of our customers

Skolfastigheter i Stockholm

Borås Energi
Jönköping Energi

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