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Tap into your retail asset values through professional PIM and DAM

Is the information your customers can find about your products in all your sales channels accurate, comprehensive, and attractive? And can you fully utilise the value of all your digital assets, such as images, videos, presentations, and marketing materials?

At Nexer, we have long experience helping our customers centralising and managing their strategic and valuable assets through PIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Assets Management).

What is pim?

PIM focuses on your product lifecycle – integrating your product data and information into one centralised system; optimising your product’s distribution across your sales and marketing channels is the goal. So, your PIM system handles all the product-related data you need to promote and sell your product.

keeping track

Should you have a variety of SKU:s (Stock Keeping Units) based on dynamic product range, which you update frequently, a PIM can support you in keeping track of all the information so that you can manage your products efficiently. PIM systems reduce accumulated, manual product data work by half. With a system in place, you will shorten your time to market and increase your competitiveness.

Going pim with nexer

We at Nexer have been partners with one of the world’s leading PIM systems suppliers inRiver for more than 15 years. We also partner with many of the suppliers of the systems we integrate with PIM, such as e-commerce platforms, business systems, and ESB:s/middlewares. InRiver’s platform easily integrates with your existing ERP and CRM and boosts your e-commerce strategy. You optimise your supply chain and deliver a first-class customer experience through leveraged data transparency. With an inRiver implementation by Nexer, you go SaaS and cloud-based, and you will never need to upgrade again or take backups. The platform is based on pre-configured retail-specific data models, business rules, workflows, processes, and integrations, and features an intuitive web-based User Interface and PDX Onboarding. 

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What is dam?

DAM (Digital Asset Management) deals with the digital assets that your organisation controls. It’s a solution that stores images, videos, presentations, documents, logotypes, marketing materials, etc. DAM’s primary objective is to enhance the value of your digital assets by enabling you to easily and quickly find, access, retrieve, share, and utilise all your digital files. This is very important within e-commerce and other businesses, where you must continuously improve user experience through product-related media relevant to your customers.

Becoming structured

Media files can pile up quickly, making your CMS cluttered and messy if it’s not well-organised. Through DAM, all your assets are adequately indexed and structured with metadata, which means you can search for and reach your assets from one primary source. You don’t even have to remember a file’s name since it’s possible to use tags, categories, descriptions, and more as search parameters.

Nexer DAM

Once you choose to team up with Nexer as your DAM implementation partner, we offer you a solution from Nexer’s partner QBank. They specialise in DAM solutions that streamline your market communication process via central management of digital files and information.

The QBank DAM solution is a Saas, which features a highly complex metadata setup possibilities, AI functionalities, more than 30 integrations to business-critical tools, open API for additional integrations and data sharing, and a customisable Media Portal as add-ons. 

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Do you want to know more about how Nexer and DAM can help you tap into the full value of your digital assets?

Why partner with Nexer?

We have long experience working with PIM and DAM implementations for customers in many businesses. We swiftly implement PIM and DAM solutions by being agile, generating value for you with minimised risk. You are always in control as a customer since you have the product owner role. Once you’re up and running, we offer you a dedicated team to manage the application, amplify its potential, enable scalability, and resolve possible incidents. And by integrating your PIM solution with a DAM solution, you will maiximise your investment through streamlining workflows, making publishing automatic, and enabling version control which gives you complete control throughout your product’s entire lifecycle.

Curious about Nexer and Retail?

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Business Unit Manager


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