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7 Jun 2023

SJ partners with Nexer to future-proof their tech expertise

SJ, a leading Swedish railway company, has selected Nexer Tech Talent as partner to implement their first tech talent programme. This 12-month programme aims to nurture and develop exceptional individuals specialising in Cloud and Integration Development. The programme offers participants a unique opportunity to alternate between real-world work experience and comprehensive education, alongside mentorship and engaging team-building activities.

“SJ is currently in an expansion phase, and attracting talent is crucial for us to deliver on our customer promise both now and in the future. Achieving a balanced demographic is paramount as it contributes to our success. We strive to create a value-driven environment that appeals to a broader target group, where diverse perspectives, ages, gender, and backgrounds come together for collective success. Our collaboration with Nexer Tech Talent enables us to expedite this process,” explains Johan Näsman, CIO at SJ.

The talent programme will provide a holistic learning experience combining hands-on work assignments with technical and non-technical training modules designed to deepen participants’ knowledge in cloud technologies and integration development. Participants will have the privilege of being mentored by seasoned professionals, gaining valuable insights and guidance to further refine their skills and capabilities.

Catharina Zeffer-Borglin, head of one of the delivery areas in the IT division and the programme manager, shares her perspective after the initial months of the programme: “As the person responsible for the collaboration with Nexer Tech Talent and the development of the participants, I view the programme as the ideal solution to fulfil our need for tech skills. The combination of working in our teams with cutting-edge technology while simultaneously receiving opportunities for personal growth provides an excellent transition from academia to professional life. As an employee in the IT sector, you play a crucial role as our company heavily invests in meeting the demand for sustainable travel.”

In addition to work and education, the programme will incorporate team-building activities, promoting collaboration, communication, and networking among participants. This aspect of the program aims to foster a supportive community that values shared learning and encourages cross-functional engagement.

“We at Nexer Tech Talent take great pride in helping SJ attract, develop, and retain highly sought-after expertise. Our focus lies in nurturing technical and soft skills, including self-leadership and communication, to enhance participants’ productivity and future career prospects. By investing in talent, companies are ultimately investing in their future and establishing a solid foundation for sustainable and competitive operations,” adds Daniel Gyllensparre, Business Unit Manager at Nexer Tech Talent.

The programme commenced in February 2023. SJ and Nexer Tech Talent are excited about the prospects of this collaboration and the positive impact it will have on the individuals participating in the programme. Upon successfully completing the programme, the goal is for the talents to transition into positions within SJ’s organisation and continue their careers with the company.

About SJ
SJ is a Swedish travel company that offers sustainable train journeys managed independently or in collaboration with other entities. As one of Sweden’s leading environmentally friendly brands, SJ is part of the solution to achieving the climate goals. With over 4,800 employees in Sweden and Norway, the company is committed to promoting train travel as the way of the future. SJ connects Sweden, Norway, and the Scandinavian capitals as the foremost train operator. Owned by the Swedish state, SJ’s mission is to provide profitable passenger rail transport.

About Nexer
Nexer Tech Talent specialises in catering tech talents starting their careers in IT, tech, and R&D. Through talent programmes, Nexer Tech Talent helps companies attract, develop and retain talent over time. Nexer Tech Talent is a specialist unit withing Nexer Group, an international tech company rooted in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. With 2,800 experts across 15 countries, Nexer collaborates with the world’s largest and most demanding companies, offering expertise in digital transformation, IT, tech, and R&D.

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