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3 Mar 2022

Nexer donates 91,000 Euro to Ukraine

"Nexer Donation for Ukraine" is earmarked for humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

In times of humanitarian crises, the speed of execution is crucial. Therefore, Nexer started a company internal donation, “Nexer Donation for Ukraine”, on February 27. All employees had four days to make a voluntary contribution, and in return, Nexer guaranteed to donate 50,000 Euro. The final result was fantastic, with 41,000 Euro donated by Nexer employees and an additional 50,000 Euro from Nexer Group. The total amount is thus 91,000 Euro.

– After our initial focus on supporting our friends and colleagues at Sigma Software in Ukraine, we wanted to provide financial support to the Ukrainian people as well. The initiative “Nexer Donation for Ukraine” came from the heart, and the response among our employees has been overwhelming, says Lars Kry, CEO at Nexer Group.

“Nexer Donation for Ukraine” is earmarked for Ukraine and channelled through UNHCR, a global organisation dedicated to saving lives, protecting rights, and building a better future for refugees. UNHCR has a long-standing presence in the Ukrainian region, including Poland, Hungary, Moldova, Slovakia and Romania.

– Our employees are amazing, and I’m so proud of this fantastic result. The UNHCR organisation in Sweden were very grateful for our donation and emphasised that all acts of compassion and generosity make a huge difference to their work. The need in Ukraine is extensive, and we encourage all companies to make a contribution, concludes Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager at Nexer Group.

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