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30 Nov 2023

Nexer Attains Select Partner Status in Databricks Consulting & SI Program

Nexer, a company known for its innovative work with data within the Databricks and Microsoft ecosystem, has been promoted to Select Partner Status in the Databricks Consulting & SI program. This accomplishment demonstrates Nexer’s dedication to supporting enterprise clients in scaling their Azure Data and AI investments.

In early 2023, Nexer partnered strategically with Databricks to develop end-to-end enterprise data strategies. By leveraging the Lakehouse Architecture, the collaboration aims to help organisations extract maximum value from their data and facilitate advanced analytics use cases.

Nexer’s extensive expertise and experience with Azure Databricks uniquely positions it to build and maintain massive-scale, business-critical data platforms. This infrastructure is crucial in helping customers become data-driven and optimise their investments.

David Österlindh, CEO and Global Head of Analytics at Nexer Insight stated, We’re thrilled to achieve the Select Consulting Partner status with Databricks as it validates our efforts of delivering new-age cloud, data, and analytics solutions to our joint customers, our strategic partnership with Databricks has been instrumental in helping our joint customers realise the true potential of their data, and we look forward to transforming their business growth in the future.”

Jonas Golan, Regional Leader Benelux & Nordics, SI Partners at Databricks, commented on the achievement, saying, “By achieving the Select Consulting Partner status, Nexer has demonstrated its commitment to delivering high-quality, innovative solutions to our joint customers. The partnership with Databricks enables Nexer to continue delivering cutting-edge solutions leveraging the full power of Databricks Data Intelligence Platform, built on the Lakehouse, that empowers organisations to become Data & AI companies. The winners in every industry will be data and AI companies, and we are proud to have a great partner in Nexer to help realise this vision for our joint customers.”

Nexer’s journey to Select Partner Status exemplifies the success stories of strategic partnerships, combining companies’ strengths to address the most challenging problems. This achievement marks a significant milestone for Nexer Group and reinforces its position as a leader in delivering advanced cloud, data, and analytics solutions.

About Nexer Group
Nexer Group is an international tech company with roots in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit, engineering, and innovation. Nexer works with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies, bringing expertise in digital transformation, IT, tech and R&D.
Nexer Insight, a specialist company within Nexer Group, is a leading data innovator specialising in the Databricks and Microsoft Ecosystem. With a focus on empowering enterprises to scale their Azure Data and AI investments and collaborates with clients to develop end-to-end data strategies, utilising the transformative Lakehouse Architecture.
Nexer Group has 2800 experts in 15 countries.

About Databricks
Databricks is at the forefront of the data revolution, providing a unified analytics platform for data and AI. The Databricks Consulting & SI program partners with leading organisations to deliver innovative solutions that harness the power of data for actionable insights and business value.

About Databricks Consulting & SI Program
The Databricks Consulting & SI program brings together a select group of partners committed to delivering exceptional value and expertise in implementing Databricks solutions. Select Partner Status recognises excellence and dedication to providing cutting-edge cloud, data, and analytics solutions.