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29 May 2023


The skills shortage in IT/tech is a major challenge for businesses. To make it easier for companies to future-proof their competence needs, Nexer Tech Talent has mapped today’s tech talents – their drivers and what they expect from their future working life.

Tech Talent Report 2023 is the second in a series on tech talents. The first report was published in 2022 and presented ten key insights into what tech talents value in the workplace. This year’s report takes it a step further and maps out what they are looking for as they glance into the future.

The report shows, among other things, that tech talents are very different from other young graduates and have much higher demands for work-life balance and continuous development. To secure their skills needs, companies must therefore be able to offer continuous and systematic learning. A worrying but important insight for companies to consider is also that more than half (54%) of the tech talents plan to change jobs within the next year.

Key insights from the Tech Talent Report:
● Almost half (47%) of tech talents aged 20-35 consider continuous skills development to be one of the 10 most important aspects of working life, compared to 23% of other university graduates of the same age.

● 54% of tech talents say they plan to change jobs in the next year.

● 73% of tech talents highlight soft skills such as creativity, drive, leadership, and social competencies as the most important future skills.

● Only 10% of tech talents want growth and profitability to be the main focus of development for companies, while 50% want employee wellbeing and skills development to be the main focus of development.

“A company’s development, innovation and growth depend on attracting and retaining the expert competencies of the future. Being responsive to the needs of tech talents and what they look for in a workplace is therefore crucial for companies to be competitive. The new generation is conscious, value-driven and has a clear call to action for the employers of the future: promote skills development and offer a sustainable working life”, says Pernilla Johansson, CEO of Nexer Tech Talent.

With automation and AI as tools, the way we work is changing as well as the need for competencies. When robots can handle large parts of the work, the human, soft skills become increasingly important. Creativity, drive, leadership, and social competencies are skills that the majority (73%) of tech talents list as their top future skills.

“Tech talents stand out on several levels compared to other young graduates. The fact that continuous development is in high demand and that soft skills are listed as the main competencies of the future indicate a need for companies to set strategies to meet these demands, otherwise they risk missing out on important skills and development opportunities”, says Pernilla Johansson.

The report also lists three key issues that future employers need to understand and act on from the perspective of tech talents. You can download the full report here: Tech Talent Report 2023

About Tech Talent Report
Tech Talent Report, produced by Nexer Tech Talent in cooperation with Kairos Future, is based on a survey of over 500 tech talents, i.e. students or professionals with university or college education in IT/tech. In addition to the survey, in-depth interviews were conducted with both tech talents and representatives from employers and academia.

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