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11 Sep 2023


Nexer has once again been entrusted to be the implementation partner as Holmen Skog implements Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM). With a focus on the customer, Holmen Skog is investing in providing their customers with a seamless experience and gaining more insights to enhance and customise their services.

Holmen Skog is a part of the Holmen Group and one of Sweden’s largest forestry companies, actively and sustainably managing and refining over one million hectares of productive forest land. Holmen Skog also holds a strong position in the timber market, which they aim to further strengthen. With the ambition to be the best forestry business partner and a leader in their industry, Holmen Skog needed a scalable and modern CRM solution to modernise and digitise the customer journey and experience for their forest owners.

A CRM solution that will support them in gaining deeper customer insights, help them communicate more personal and targeted to their customers, and assist forest owners at every step of their customer journey with the right information, at the right time, and through the right channel.

As part of previous projects with Nexer Maverick as a partner in visualising their customer journey and the choice of Microsoft as the platform within the group, the natural choice was Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales with Nexer Enterprise Applications as the implementation partner. Nexer’s extensive knowledge of Dynamics 365 and their previous CRM implementation in two other companies within the group, Holmen Iggesund and Holmen Paper, has earned Nexer significant trust within the group.

For us, the customer experience is our primary focus, and that’s where CRM comes into play to help us achieve our goals. The implementation is crucial, and Nexer’s strong expertise is what we needed. Nexer is skilled, and they have always been good at listening. Given our history of working together for almost 3 years, choosing them as a partner was a natural decision.” – Ida Thermaenius, Marketing Manager, Holmen Skog.

Results and Next Steps:
With Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales, Holmen Skog will streamline the current sales/purchase process and facilitate easier customer contact and follow-up. The implementation project is divided into two phases, with the first phase involving the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales module and integration with several of Holmen Skog’s existing systems. In the second phase, integration with Holmen’s ERP system will be implemented.

Nexer is very pleased with the excellent collaboration we have with Holmen and the trust we’ve received to implement CRM for Holmen Group. Holmen is very committed to creating the best customer journey. This makes the collaboration very enriching and, moreover, a lot of fun along the way. We look forward to a long partnership together.” – Joakim Borgman, Business Manager, Nexer Enterprise Applications.

For more information, please contact:
Joakim Borgman, Business Manager, Nexer Enterprise Applications
+46 73 14 67 807

Anna Falconer, Marketing Manager, Nexer Enterprise Applications