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why you need an experienced Microsoft partner

When your business changes, so should your Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform. Keeping it in sync with your business means that it’s always providing value and ensuring that your team remains as productive as possible.

Microsoft continuously updates Dynamics 365 with new functionality to provide organizations a tool to accelerate their digital transformation. One Version is an approach designed to benefit customers with Microsoft’s continuous update model, keeping current with the latest updates on a regular basis rather than having to undergo significant upgrades.
With One Version, everyone gets the benefits of the latest features. No one is stuck on less capable older versions.

Support of all service and change requests

The best way to support your business through One Version updates, is by using an experienced Microsoft partner who fully understands what changes and releases that are coming with One Version, and who understands your industry and how to make the most of the technical updates to benefit your organization.
At Nexer, we strive to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction. Nexer has developed a set of services specifically designed to support you and the application in this process. This allows you to concentrate on running your business whilst we focus on ensuring that Dynamics 365 remains optimal at all times.
– Service Management – With the AMaS Services Management we will have complete governance of agreed objects and services where we will report on volume, cost, and SLAs, working with continuous improvement and escalations.

– Incident Management – Handle incidents from request help to closure.

– Service Request Management – Handle service requests from approved tasks, for example user access management and training.

– Problem Request Management – Here we work with the recurring problems that have been raised to our Service Desk with incidents and other tickets. We will look for the root cause and make the necessary investigation to find a better handling to avoid problems in the future (sometimes lead to new change requests).  

– Change Request Management – We handle requests for changing the governance object by identifying the needs and describing the change. When a decision is made to perform the change request, we complete the decided actions with testing and then finally hand it over to the live system.

– System Management – Handle your environment, taking a back-up, deployment, and monitoring performance.

– Release Management – Handle and identify what Microsoft’s new One Version updates includes in functions and features (eight releases per year). Our work will secure that you as a client have a strong picture of what’s coming in the next update. In many cases this will also result in a decision to go for the next One Version updates (the performing of One Version upgrade handled by the Test Management services)

– Test Management – Handle test and coordination for One Version’s continued updates with regression testing from updates from Microsoft, meaning the decision to go for one update and perform activities and finally hand over to the live system.

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