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“They see you, hear you and guide you”

Nirawan, Länsförsäkringar

Nirawan Helenelund knew exactly what she wanted to do after graduation. Through LinkedIn, she was tipped off to apply for just such a role: front-end developer at Länsförsäkringar through Nexer Tech Talent’s talent program. She felt it was the perfect way to learn more about the role, the organisation and get a holistic perspective at the start of her career.

The training in Information Technology with a focus on Business Intelligence was unique. It attracted Nirawan, who recently graduated from the university in Skövde. With no work experience in the field, she wanted support and continuous training at her workplace. Something the talent program at Länsförsäkringar through Nexer Tech Talent offered.

– As I hadn’t worked with this before, I was unsure about how it all worked. For example, I didn’t know exactly what was required in my new job role and wanted to know more. At the same time, I thought it was a perfect way to learn more about the whole Länsförsäkringar organisation, and not just the role itself. I was looking for a holistic approach and that’s why I applied to the talent program,” she says.

Insight into the organisation provided valuable perspectives

Some of the biggest benefits of the talent program are the wide network of contacts, says Nirawan. She has been introduced to all departments in the company and got to know different people in the organisation that she would not otherwise have had the opportunity to meet.

– It has given perspective, which has been important for me. An understanding of how everyone works. When you come straight from studies, you have a lot of theory in your backpack. But getting out into the world of work, working and finding out how things actually work is a challenge in itself because you have to adapt. Getting training combined with knowing what all the departments do makes me more confident about what I do, how to approach things and who to ask and turn to. 

“Theory and practice went hand in hand”

Nirawan is now halfway through the year-long talent program and has had to attend several training sessions with other participants. Something she feels she immediately benefited from in her work.

– The agile Scrum Master course was particularly relevant because we work agile at Länsförsäkringar. So theory and practice went hand in hand and it allowed me to quickly relate the training to the job. We also had courses in leadership and team dynamics which were incredibly rewarding. It made me think about how you actually are at work and how people work together. Then the training on web security was also very good. Everyone should take it, given how topical the subject is.

Employers of the future must be responsive

During the course of the talent program, Nirawan has had a close dialogue with both his consultant manager at Nexer Tech Talent, and his manager at Länsförsäkringar. She says they have been very present, following up every week and letting her speak out when she needs to. She sees the same soft values and ability to listen to her new hires as something all of Sweden’s employers need to invest in going forward.
– A major challenge for organisations of the future will be to adapt their way of working to the skills coming in. When people enter the workforce with fresh skills, they want to share them with their employers. But they need to be receptive to that and to change. They need to be able to receive, reflect and see what new knowledge fits the organisation.

Would you recommend talent programs to other students?

I have already recommended it to many, many people. I usually say: apply to Nexer Tech Talent’s talent program because they see you, hear you and guide you to where you want to go. It’s a safe program and a job with good conditions.