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Welcome to an inspiring morning where we deep dive into the potential and challenges of AI for businesses. Our keynote speakers are leading in the industry and will cover everything from the latest market trends and opportunities to ethical considerations and how the analogue brain works in the digital era. We also have 2 tracks with interesting breakout sessions.

We’ve had an overwhelming interest in this event, and we are currently at capacity. If you would like to join the waiting list, please send us your contact information. If a spot opens up, we will notify you. 

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08:00 – 08:30 Registration and coffee

08:30 – 08:45 Welcome and introduction

08:45 – 09:15 Mats Nordlund, AI Sweden

09:15 – 09:45 Xiaopeng Li, Microsoft

09:55 – 10:20 Breakout session 1

10:20 – 10:50 Fika

10:50 – 11:15 Breakout session 2

11:25 – 11:55 Henrik Green, Einride

11:55 – 12:25 Anna Tebelius Bodin

12:25 – 12:30 Wrap-up

12:30 – 13:30 Lunch


Navigating the AI Revolution: Sustaining Innovation Leadership

Mats Nordlund, Head of Data Factory, AI Sweden

The rapid evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) poses a unique challenge reshaping the competitive dynamics across industries in Sweden and around the world. The talk aims to provide insights into how companies and other stakeholders in Sweden can continue their legacy of innovation and adaptability, to ensure sustained leadership and growth in the AI era.
Mats Nordlund is Head of Data Factory at AI Sweden, a national centre for applied artificial intelligence, partly funded by the Swedish government. Mats Nordlund has played a key role in establishing AI Sweden and has a diverse background in academia and industry, including director of technology, strategy and technology acquisition at Saab Group and VP of R&D for Emerson Process Management – Level and Marine. Additionally, he works part-time as Head of Advanced Graduate Programs at Zenseact AB, a Volvo Cars subsidiary.

Thrive in the Era of Generative AI

Xiaopeng Li, Western Europe AI Lead, Microsoft 
What’s new in generative AI and how can we master it? Xiaopeng Li will share key market trends of generative AI and adoption patterns across industries. He will also discuss the key considerations for organisations to successfully adopt and create business impact with generative AI.
Xiaopeng Li is a known AI influencer and public speaker in Europe. In addition to leading AI business at Microsoft across Western Europe, he co-founded and leads a non-profit community initiative called Oslo AI. Xiaopeng Li frequently engages with business and technology leaders to help them understand the trends, implications, and applications of AI.


Henrik Green, General Manager, Autonomous Technologies, Einride
Get a front-row seat to an exclusive interview, as Pierre Renhult, Automotive Industry Partner at Nexer, engages in a conversation with Henrik Green, a visionary leader who’s shaping the future of mobility. Discover how AI is steering the automotive industry into uncharted territory, where cars become intelligent companions, not just modes of transportation.

Henrik Green leads the technology teams responsible for developing and deploying autonomous freight at Einride. He has over 25 years of experience working in the product, technology, and sustainability sectors within mobility. Most recently, Henrik Green held the role of Head of Advanced Technology and Sustainability at Volvo Cars, where he drove the development of electrified vehicles and autonomous technology. He’s also held the positions of Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer during his tenure at Volvo Cars. Henrik Green currently serves on a number of boards within the technology, mobility, and AI space and acts as an Advisor at Smart Eye.


Anna Tebelius Bodin, thought leader, lecturer and author
When our ancient brain encounters new technology, there are both positive and negative consequences. What can enhance our abilities can also make it unnecessary to develop them. AI can be both the best and the worst thing to challenge humanity. Join Anna Tebelius Bodin on a journey into the future, based on our brain’s capacity to be aided or hindered by new technology.
Anna Tebeluis Bodin holds a Master’s degree from Harvard University, USA, where she also contributed to research on the brain. Since then, she has published five books and given over 1400 lectures on the psychology of how we communicate, learn, and lead, drawing on her knowledge of the brain. Anna Tebelius Bodin has a knack for making the complex simple, utilising science to both influence and raise awareness that can make a difference. In 2020, she was honoured with the Mensa award for her inspiring way of spreading knowledge about the brain.


breakout session 1

breakout session 1



ChatGPT made its debut just under a year ago, and in that short span, the world of generative AI has witnessed an explosion of attention and advancements. In this session, we’ll dive into the most recent breakthroughs and features of ChatGPT and other commercial AI services. Join us as we explore how these novel technologies are shaping our future and discover the possibilities they offer for practical applications.
Lucas Ebers works with technology and innovation management for Nexer Smart Industries. He is a dedicated tech enthusiast with a background from engineering and innovation management, committed to assisting clients in advancing with new technology. His work spans from innovation management and the implementation of technical solutions to insightful presentations and workshops on new technology and AI.

breakout session 1



Today, we are in the middle of a third automotive revolution, characterised by a new way of consuming mobility based on sustainability and convenience. The 3 key questions for the future of the automotive industry are: 
1. How will the role of vehicles in society evolve?
2. Should automotive players embark on radical transformation or continue doing what they do best?
3. What will be the key strategic assets of the future?
In this session, Pierre Renhult and Johannes Larsson will delve deeply into the freshly printed, scorching thought leadership report titled “Code over Chrome – The future of Automotive.” This in-depth exploration will navigate the global industry shifts that are currently posing challenges to the automotive industry.
Pierre Renhult is Automotive Industry Partner at Nexer, which means he leads the Nexer Automotive vertical. Over decades, he has played a pivotal role advising global OEMs at the C-suite level in their digital transformation efforts. Pierre Renhult is a dependable professional with an extensive network in the transformation realm. He excels at developing individuals, businesses, and organisations, frequently operating at the crossroads of strategy and execution, technology and creativity, and process and day-to-day operations. In this role, he commits to guiding, challenging, and bolstering businesses, pushing boundaries to help them achieve their utmost potential.
Johannes Larsson is a consultant and future strategist at Kairos Future. He has previously worked as a management consultant in telecom, media, and technology. Johannes has experience of smart cities, blockchain, goal setting and strategic planning in agile organisations. Johannes Larsson has a Master’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management, and a Bachelor’s degree in Theoretical Philosophy, both from Lund University/LTH. He also has a degree from the Swedish Armed Forces Interpreting School as a military interpreter in Persian and has lived in Iran for some time.

breakout session 1


Where: TESLA

Today, AI is being used in many companies in all sectors. As end users/consumers/customers, we most often see this connected to the services or products that are being sold, but a lot of the AI is also built into the backbone of the companies. In this session, Magnus Perman and Axel Sondh will go through their use cases of AI from Retail and Industry and highlight some important learnings along the way.
Magnus Perman works as a Consultant Unit Manager and Tech Lead for Data Science at Nexer. He holds an M.Sc. in Computer Science and has over 17 years of experience working with global clients and delivering solutions within the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Data Science. During the last years, Magnus Perman has been a speaker at the Analytics and Data Summit in San Francisco and at various other conferences, including keynote at PyCon Sweden 2022.
Axel Sondh has been working as a Data Scientist at Nexer for the past 2,5 years. He holds an M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering and in his final year, he specialised in computer vision and machine learning. He has worked on assignments within the industry segment for the last 2 years in several projects regarding predictive maintenance, data engineering and mlflow. 

breakout session 1

Leveraging AI and cognitive services within the public sector


Join Henrik Andersson, IT Architect at Uddevalla Municipality, and Carl Tönseth, Business Manager, Nexer Insight, as they delve into the municipality’s significant digital shift. Discover how Uddevalla is harnessing the power of AI, including OpenAI and various cognitive services, to support multiple sectors within the community. Learn about their innovative initiatives, such as building a platform for local businesses and a state-of-the-art data platform in collaboration with Nexer Insight. Don’t miss this session with interesting learnings from both Nexer Insight and Uddevalla Municipality.

This breakout session is in Swedish
Henrik Andersson is a dedicated IT Architect at Uddevalla Municipality. He is at the forefront of the municipality’s digital transformation, particularly in the areas of platform computing and artificial intelligence (AI). With a vision to modernise and streamline the municipality’s operations, Henrik Andersson is driving initiatives that leverage the latest in technology to enhance the services and experiences offered to the community.
With almost two decades of experience in the IT industry, Carl Tönseth has been captivated by how technology can shape our daily lives, which has led him to a rewarding career in the technology sector. He strongly believes in the transformative potential of technology, and his curiosity fuels his vision of a future where AI plays a central role. With a genuine passion for technology and great curiosity, Carl Tönseth envisions a future where AI leads to significant advances in various sectors.


breakout session 2

breakout session 2



Discover the power of combining GPT with BPM to create AI-driven workflows that tackle complex automation tasks. This session introduces a suite of new GPT-infused BPMN elements that boost process automation by offering advanced decision-making, data extraction, content generation, and more. Join us as we navigate the transformative power of AI in reshaping business processes.
Bennet Krause is IT Consultant at Holisticon, a leading technology consultancy based in Hamburg, Germany. He enjoys working on business process automation and microservices, always aiming for practical and effective solutions. In addition, he is deeply interested in how AI can shape and improve our digital futures.

breakout session 2



Join Robin Sutara for a journey on the evolution of data culture resulting from the GenAI movement. We will cover the implications of generative AI on various aspects of organisations, including workforce dynamics, decision-making processes, and the role of human creativity. The session will also explore how generative AI can disrupt traditional organisational structures and challenge existing power hierarchies. Additionally, Robin Sutara will provide insights and share strategies for leading organisations through this transformative period, including the importance of fostering a culture of innovation, up-skilling employees to work alongside AI systems, and establishing ethical guidelines for AI usage.
With experience in roles as CDO and COO, Robin Sutara has driven data-led transformations in and for organisations and customers both in the US and in EMEA over the last two decades. Today, Robin Sutara is one of Databricks Field CTOs where she provides advice and thought leadership to global organisations on how to successfully implement data-driven transformations, including people, process, culture, and technology.

breakout session 2


Where: TESLA

AI is rapidly changing the business landscape. It’s automating tasks, creating new opportunities, and disrupting existing industries. Entrepreneurship can help organisations adapt to these changes and stay ahead of the curve. In this session, we will touch upon why entrepreneurship is important, how it can be leveraged with AI tools, what challenges and opportunities we face, and where to start the journey.  

Viktor Peterson is Chief Innovation Officer & AI Evangelist at Nexer and a seasoned innovation leader with a decade of experience in emerging technologies. He is passionate about helping clients create successful and ground-breaking use cases and is currently leading the innovation work at Nexer, focusing on the disruptive force of AI. As an entrepreneur and visionary, Viktor Peterson has founded and nurtured various VR, AR, and AI ventures, working on international projects across a multitude of domains. He is a recognised speaker and a strong believer in utilising tech for a more sustainable future.

breakout session 2



The potential for Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) to revolutionise various industries is undeniable. In this session, we delve into the world of HRI through two compelling use cases, spotlighting the Pepper robot and its transformative impact, as well as the role of robots in Search and Rescue missions. Additionally, we’ll explore how the design of these interactions is essential to the success of the teams involved.
Madeleine Englund is presently a Cloud Engineer at Ericsson, with a strong academic background. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Cognitive Science and a Master’s degree in Artificial Intelligence, specialising in Human-Robot Interaction. Madeleine Englund’s Master’s thesis was conducted in collaboration with the University of Birmingham. Prior to her role at Ericsson, Madeleine Englund participated in AI Sweden’s inaugural Industrial Immersion Exchange program.


November 24, 08:30 – 13:30

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