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Can agile be used for all product development

When complexity in products increase, traditional methods for product development become more and more obsolete. This was apparent for the forerunners in the software industry a few decades ago. Successful high-tech companies also started to use agile development when creating new products including both hardware and software. Instead of waiting for other innovators to dominate their markets, teams and leaders in those companies chose to go agile. More recently, early movers in more traditional companies with their background in hardware have also started to experiment with agile product development.

Can agile development be used for all product development? Even by more traditional companies? Even when developing products made primarily of metal, plastic, or cellulose? If so, what are the benefits and pitfalls?
In this webinar, you will meet four agile leaders when they dig into the subject.

When: September 17, 10:00-11:00
Where: Online, we will send a link before the webinar
R.S.V.P. September 13

Can agile be used for all product development?

Recorded version of the webinar

The Speakers

Jonas Harris

Jonas is a pioneer in deploying Agile and Scrum in hardware-centric environments. As development director at Ericsson Mobile, he first implemented agile ways of working in 2006; Scrum scaled up for 300 software engineers. He started MEQIFY in 2015 after a successful pilot project on Scrum for Hardware with a multinational packaging company. Jonas is an Agile Coach and Transformation leader that is passionate about increasing team motivation and delivery capability.

Ulf Ödesjö

Ulf is responsible for R&D activities at Nexer. He has a long experience in the IT industry and has also been a product development manager in the automotive and additive manufacturing industry. Ulf has experience in agile transformations for software organizations and a complete Product Development organization developing industrial 3D printers.

Håkan Jegebo

Håkan is a senior agile- coach, advisor and, trainer at Nexer. A management consultant, passionate about different cultures and relations. He is specialized in Lean & Agile while having extensive experience and expertise in marketing and communications. He has 25+ years of experience in IT/telecom, automotive, retail and offshore in Europe and Brazil.

David Jemdahl

David Jemdahl is an experienced project manager who has been responsible for numerous business-critical engagements within business development and digitalization, from strategy to implementation. David has over 20 years of professional experience of projects within Automotive, Industry and Public/Health. As a Consultant Unit Manager for Agile & Project Management at NEXER he is passionate about increasing team motivation and performance.