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Our vision for Q Collective – Nexer Female Engineering Program is to contribute to a stronger female and non-binary software developer community. Four out of ten women leave the tech industry – very much due to the male-dominated culture in the workplace, according to Unionen, the Swedish trade union.
Through Q Collective, we want to give female and non-binary software engineers in Gothenburg close relationships. Also, the possibility of an authentic sense of belonging will make you feel at home and stay in the tech industry.


be a part of change

Q Collective is a one-year program aimed at you who want to feel like an appreciated part of the Nexer family and take the next step in your career. Through Q Collective, you will gain a network, feel belonging, and be part of a change in the tech business. In short, find a place to feel safe and thrive. We will select ten applicants with a minimum of two years of experience as a software engineer and an interest in system development and Product Development within R&D. You will be employed by Nexer R&D Gothenburg and work on a customer assignment from the beginning. In parallel, you will participate in program-specific activities and get the opportunity to build strong relationships with other female and non-binary developers.



Q Collective aims to contribute to a stronger female and non-binary software developer community. Also, to give female and non-binary engineers the possibility of feeling an authentic sense of belonging and get close relationships with female and non-binary colleagues. By broadening the norm within the tech industry and working systematically to improve psychological safety, we also become an employer where everybody can be themselves. But first things first. If you become one of the ten participants, you will have a mentor – a female already employed by Nexer R&D. The program will have various sessions and gatherings and runs from March to December.

Knowledge sessions

We will host knowledge sessions within our expertise areas such as Telecom, Automotive, CI/CD and Cloud Development. These sessions will focus on competency, technology, best practices and other curriculums related to daily work. These will be joint fixed sessions for all program participants.

Lunch sessions

We will hold lunch sessions regularly during the entire program. The lunch sessions aim to network with the other women at Nexer R&D, combined with shorter presentations such as customer cases, news, and market trends.

Evening gatherings

We will have dinner gatherings to come close, share, support, and reflect. Each gathering will have a theme, for example, being in the minority, work-life balance, and tools for personal development.


Q Collective is for you who identify as female or non-binary and have an educational background in Computer Engineering or similar. You have been working as a software engineer for the past two years or more, preferably in C/C++, Simulink or Python. We would be thrilled to see other meritorious skills such as knowledge within automotive, telecom or CI/CD or perhaps experience from a role as scrum master.

Apart from this, we hope to enrich our team with curious colleagues that absorb new information and transform it into creative solutions. You find teamwork the most ideal and fun way to work and thrive in a cooperative environment. You respect your colleagues and have a strong will to share your knowledge with others and listen and learn.


We have long experiences within the tech industry, having hands-on experiences as the only female in the team. We know how it can feel not to be part of the norm.

Camilla is a goal-oriented leader who values involvement, clarity, and humility. She has 15 years of experience in helping people, teams, and organisations to develop, mainly within the Automotive industry. She has broad experience in embedded software development and software test and verification in product development at Volvo AB and suppliers. Camilla has undertaken project manager, line manager, operational efficiency manager, management consultant and leadership developer roles. Now being a consultant manager at Nexer R&D, she is developing software engineers and building great teams.

Linda has a lengthy background as a software developer and scrum master in the telecom and defence industry. She has been in the consultant business for more than ten years and has experience from being a consultant and in various mangers roles. Linda is a leader who believes in trust and transparency. She has a great interest in people and relationships, and for Linda, a successful organisation is an organisation where kindness and the belief in each person are the keywords.

contact us!

The program 2022 is ongoing. The application for next year’s program will open in August. 
You are welcome to contact Camilla and Linda already now if you are curious and want to know more.