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Join Nexer R&D and be part of our female and non-binary community

Q Collective is an engineering program for female and non-binary employees at Nexer R&D. An opportunity to work as a software engineer while also having a female network and a sense of belonging in a male-dominated industry. That last piece you may or may not have been missing at previous workplaces. You will be employed by Nexer R&D in Gothenburg and work on a customer assignment from the beginning. In parallel, you will participate in Q Collective activities such as various tech sessions, networking lunches and gatherings. You will also be part of our peer program with all our female colleagues at Nexer R&D. 

Our goal is to build a stronger female software developer community – and make more women thrive in tech. Come sister, come join.

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Q Collective contents

If you become one of the participants you will have the opportunity to attend various tech sessions, network sessions and gatherings running from March to December 2023. But most importantly, you will be given the opportunity to be yourself, get an authentic sense of belonging and get close relationships with female and non-binary colleagues – while getting the opportunity to work in an exciting assignment with the latest technologies.

TECH sessions

We will host tech sessions within our expertise areas such as Telecom, Automotive, CI/CD and Cloud Development.

Network sessions

The network sessions aim to create relationships with the other women at Nexer R&D, combined with shorter presentations such as customer cases, news, and market trends.

Peer PRogram

You will be connected with a female colleague from Nexer R&D and have the opportunity to get to know each other better. You set the agenda yourselves and can spend time doing everything from problem solving and discuss coding to just having coffee and talk about life.

Soft topics

Gatherings to come close, share, support, and reflect. Each gathering will have a theme, for example being in the minority, work life balance, and tools for personal development.

Who are we looking for?

For this exclusive program we are looking for you who identify as female or non-binary and have an educational background in Computer Engineering or similar. We welcome both senior and junior software engineers with experience and interest in some of the following: C/C++, Simulink, Python, Java or Cloud technologies. We would be thrilled to see other meritorious skills such as knowledge within automotive, telecom or CI/CD – or perhaps experience from a role as Scrum Master.

Apart from this, we hope to enrich our team with curious colleagues. You find teamwork to be the most ideal and fun way to work and you thrive in a cooperative environment. You respect your colleagues and have a strong desire to share your knowledge with others as well as listening and learning. 

Meet Camilla and Linda – the initiators

We have long experiences within the tech industry, having hands-on experiences as the only female in the team. We know how it can feel not to be part of the norm.

Camilla is a goal-oriented leader who values involvement, clarity, and humility. She has 15 years of experience in helping people, teams, and organisations to develop, mainly within the Automotive industry. She has broad experience in embedded software development and software test and verification in product development at Volvo AB and suppliers. Camilla has undertaken project manager, line manager, operational efficiency manager, management consultant and leadership developer roles. Now being a consultant manager at Nexer R&D, she is developing software engineers and building great teams.

Linda has a lengthy background as a software developer and scrum master in the telecom and defence industry. She has been in the consultant business for more than ten years and has experience from being a consultant and in various mangers roles. Linda is a leader who believes in trust and transparency. She has a great interest in people and relationships, and for Linda, a successful organisation is an organisation where kindness and the belief in each person are the keywords.