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Meeting customer demands with innovative production systems


Founded in Switzerland in 1872, Zurich is one of the most experienced global insurers in the world. With around 55,000 employees worldwide, the company offers a wide range of products and services going beyond insurance. The organisation was established in Brazil in 1984 when it started serving multinational clients operating in the country. To keep up with the challenges of an ever-changing world, a growing business and increasing customer demands, Zurich needed innovative production systems to better handle service tickets, make service processes more effective, and get a centralised commercial overview.


With Nexer’s help, the CRM system Microsoft Dynamics 365 was implemented and the first system Z-Chamado was put into production. Z-Chamado allowed the creation of service tickets for the company’s internal divisions and was integrated with all the departments email boxes as well as the Zurich Portal, where tickets are opened and handled. That way, tickets generate automatically when an email is received. With an additional commercial part of the CRM system, Zurich was able to create a commercial hierarchical structure with separation of access profiles, management of business units, consultation of the production of the team and brokers, pipeline management, achievement of goals, management of the customer service, broker visits report (integrated into the Outlook agenda) and several Power BI Dashboards integrated into the Dynamics base. The most recent addition to the Dynamics 365 system was Z-Atende, a call center service front enabling an omnichannel view that includes WhatsApp, Chat for Zurich Portal and Voice Service.


Today, the entire company uses the service, a total of almost 1500 employees spread throughout Brazil, enabling a significant gain in productivity. Through simple processes and customer-oriented, frequent, high-quality service, Zurich can meet the demands of their customers and the changes of the world. The implementation of Z-Chamado revolutionised the company’s ticket creation and thanks to the Omnichannel solution, a greater awareness of the entire production was created. Dynamics 365 allowed the commercial board to better manage the production of insurance and centralised the branch view, which was previously distributed among several systems.

“The evolutionary basis of CRM, added to the native integrations, were key factors for the success of the deployments using Dynamics 365, generating great value for the technology and the business areas of Zurich.”

Idevar Gonçalves de Souza Junior: Systems Manager