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Streamline your dialogue with Unified Communication

Being in the travel and transportation industry, you know the importance of reaching your customers fast and accurately, wherever they are. A smooth and effective customer dialogue is vital for customer satisfaction. Nexer’s Travel Information Management solution (Unified Communication) enables your staff to communicate efficiently with your customers, through one single solution, via several channels: text message, email, push notification, Twitter, and Facebook.

keep track of your conversations

Nexer’s solution for Travel Information Management gathers your entire customer dialogue in one place – from when you send information after the customer has signed up for a particular trip, before travel, pre-arrival, on arrival, before departure, and finally, follow-up questions. For each customer, you have full traceability and control of all questions and answers. In other words, no more fragmented communication.



Personalized information is a powerful differentiator in the competitive travel business. Through Nexer’s solution, you can provide your customers with personalized and correct information at the right time with offers for various excursions, activities, and other additional sales during that time.

Two-way communication

Handle both incoming and outgoing messages, manual and auto generated. Your customers’ responses are collected in the same user interface as your messages – always with full traceability.

Communication through multiple channels

Handle both incoming and outgoing messages, manually, and auto generated, in multiple channels such as email, SMS, push notifications, and web. Your customers will always see the same messages regardless of channel, and the solution collects their responses in the same user interface as your messages.

Rule-based automated mass-messaging

At a preset time, send automatic information to a single traveler or mass messaging to travelers on a particular flight, in a specific hotel, or at a specific destination. The travelers can respond in their preferred channel.

Let AI take care of time-consuming simple customer queries

Through AI technology, Unified Communication gives your staff more time to dig deeper into the customer cases that need it. They can also semi-automate answering the queries so that AI writes the answers, but you confirm or correct them before sending them to your customer.


Nexer and TUI in collaboration since 2004

In the wake of the devastating tsunami catastrophe in 2004, TUI, one of the biggest travel companies in the world, had problems reaching their travelers – they needed a solution to maintain contact, regardless of their travelers’ location or circumstances. In collaboration with TUI, Nexer managed the implementation, operation, and support of a solution for Sweden for omnichannel communication through a single interface, Unified Communication. Today, the best part of TUI Group and TUI Destination Experience power their customer communication through Unified Communication. Read more about how in our customer case.


If you want to give your staff the means to provide your travelers with an improved and personalized experience, Unified Communication, with scalable performance, is there to assist you. You can combine Unified Communication with CRM and loyalty platforms like Voyado and Quadient to strengthen your dialogue, customer service and increase loyalty and sales.

Curious to know more about what Unified Communication can do for your business, or would you like to book a demo? Just send us a message, and we’ll come back to you as soon as possible.