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Storefront – super flexible e-commerce for retail

Are you in retail looking for a modular, open, and ready-to-go online store based on 100% cloud delivery and best practice technology? Then let us introduce Storefront, an extremely flexible solution with thousand possibilities. You only have to brand your store and are open for business. Here are some of Storefront’s benefits.

You can be up and running very quickly

The first thing many of our customers ask us is if setting up Storefront is a daunting task? On the contrary, we say. All standard components are already in Storefront from the start, drastically reducing project time and risk. You can be up and running very quickly. As standard, you get a start page, category page, product page, content pages, favourites and lists, shopping cart, my pages, order history, sign up for newsletter, search, check out and navigation. And of course Storefront is multi-language, multi-site, and multi-brand.

Built on stable foundations

We have built Storefront on Norce Commerce (previously called Storm Commerce) – a modern yet mature and continuously developed product. The Norce Commerce engine comes with rich and powerful features around PIM (Product Information Management), pricing, campaign, check-out features, and channel management features. Since the engine is a true SaaS, customers are always on the latest version through continuous upgrades. Furthermore, Norce Commerce is headless and API first, which means it’s fully open and developed for smooth integration with other components. As for CMS, Storefront utilises Umbraco, one of the world’s most used CMS tools.

Cloud-based and composable

Storefront is composable, meaning each component of the system, for example, shopping cart technology can be deployed and interchanged independently. Storefront is also totally cloud-based. Through this, you avoid all time-consuming and costly infrastructure investments and maintenance. All direct costs relating to hosting and platform management vanish – and you reduce your total cost of ownership (TCO). The money you can use to improve your business. Also, Storefront can be further developed however you want to meet future customer needs – as you grow and expand your business, Storefront grows with you.

We help you all the way

Nexer is a one-stop-shop in e-commerce, and we favour long-term partnerships with our customers. We can support you in many ways. Let us help you with your e-commerce strategy, develop your business to meet future customer needs, improve your conversion rate or provide you with top-notch e-commerce consultants. Or why not do an e-commerce health check to ascertain how your e-commerce is doing? These are just some things we would love to help you with.

Is Storefront a good fit for me?

Now, maybe you think Storefront sounds exciting but want to know how good a fit it’s for you. Find out by applying for a free prestudy. For half a day, we go through the areas central to e-commerce. After the workshop, we compile what you need to run your e-commerce efficiently and profitably and how well Storefront meets your needs.

Ramp up your retail business

Let Nexer set up your digital retail ecosystem.

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