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Norce commerce


Norce Commerce (previously called Storm Commerce) is a unique platform with broad support for most processes and functions in e-commerce. The platform is developed and adapted by online retailers, for online retailers and has therefore become an obvious part of our offer.


Norce Commerce is a “headless” e-commerce platform, which means that it has no built-in CMS or front-end presentation. You can fully integrate your e-commerce with your existing systems such as a CMS, business system, PIM, CRM, logistics and payment solution, and more. The platform acts as middleware and handles data and advanced business logic from underlying systems, and it also gives you the opportunity to add completely new business logic.


With its modern API-based architecture, Norce Commerce gives you the very best conditions, together with an optional CMS, to create e-commerce solutions of the future, for both B2C and B2B. Norce Commerce is the market’s most advanced SaaS service for automated and scalable digital commerce. Packed with ready-made and configurable features, designed by a team with many years of experience in large-scale digital trade solutions. All development takes place at the head office in Stockholm.

“Nexer is one of our most experienced partners with a solid and broad knowledge in digital commerce. They have proven that, with the help of modern technical solutions, they have the ability to support our customers with long-term and successful businesses.”
Michael Hallberg CCO Norce Commerce

Solution Partner

We at Nexer have been working with Norce Commerce since 2016. Nexer is a Solution Partner for Norce Commerce, which means that we can deliver a complete solution for web and e-commerce, business systems, inventory management and more, with everything needed in terms of IT systems and CMS. We can also complement Storm’s e-commerce offering when desired.

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