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qbank DAM


A leading DAM supplier in the Nordics, QBank Digital Asset Management solution delivers an organized approach to efficiently storing, organizing, managing, and distributing digital assets of an organization. Working as a centralized hub, QBank provides users with a comprehensive overview of digital assets, saving time and reducing the need for manual processes. Eliminating the challenges that come with many files, and data is stored in private folders or multiple systems.

Flexible and scalable

QBank DAM is a scalable solution that can be tailored to fit an organization’s needs. It provides easy tagging options to optimize the findability of assets. DAM ensures effortless distribution and collaboration around assets through Mood boards and customer branded media portals. All this is combined with local support and training.

Utilizing QBank, teams can easily collaborate and build efficient workflows throughout the cycle of creating, managing, and distributing assets, both in-house and with external partners. QBank can be used to publish assets in the right size and format to multiple distribution channels, such as websites, social media, presentations, and more. Through the system, users can track statistics for each asset, including asset usage, such as where it has previously been published and by whom. It also allows full control of user rights. Need help with demo or training? The power of being in control.

The platform

· SaaS
· Sophisticated DAM functionality for company-wide purposes
· Powerful integration capacity
· Latest features – always
· Multi-tenant
· No upgrades needed
· No backups needed
· Continuous deploy

solution partner

Nexer Unified Commerce is a solution partner to QBank, which means that together we can create a better digital commerce experience for our customers and for our customers’ customers. Unified Commerce is about creating seamless management of the technical platform, and QBank is an important part of our offering, both technically and strategically.