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25 Oct 2021

Time for a fourth round of Folksam Tech Talent in collaboration with Nexer

Nexer Tech Talent and Folksam continue to collaborate. In the picture from the left: Malin Wester, Daniel Gyllensparre, Lotta Lisper, Sofie Lundh, Jacob Karmehag and Björn Ekstedt.

Previous rounds of Folksam Tech Talent have been a success. Therefore, in August, Folksam started its fourth talent program, an almost year-long introduction and development program. The program’s purpose is to secure growth and expertise in the construction of future insurance and savings companies. The programme is owned and run by Folksam, where Nexer Tech Talent recruits all talents, develops skills and has overall responsibility.

“We are very satisfied with the program’s structure, outcome and participants. We are so happy that the participants, even after the program, chose us for their continued development and career. We started up our fourth Folksam Tech Talent program during the autumn, allowing the talents to learn and develop together with competent colleagues. The talents contribute to innovation and show how our work can be modernisedand digitised so that our customers get the best possible experience. Together we will be strong “, says Björn Ekstedt, CIO at Folksam.

Like the previous programs, this also focuses on competence development in new technologies and aims to secure the future of specialist competence in IT. In addition, the concept of reverse mentorship, where participants act as mentors to senior managers within Folksam, has been much appreciated and is a permanent feature of the programs.

“We are delighted that we have now started up the fourth talent program at Folksam! Incredibly satisfying to follow previous participants and see them grow within the company. A shining example is Malin and Jacob, who again this year will take greater responsibility in the program “, says Sofie Lundh, Consultant Manager at Nexer Tech Talent.

About Nexer Tech Talent
Nexer Tech Talent focuses on early career talent in IT, Tech and R&D, offering the market junior consultants, consultancy recruitment and talent programmes. Nexer Tech Talent is part of Nexer Group, a tech company of the future and a leader in digital transformation. With a strong entrepreneurial drive and innovation, we have been helping our clients stay ahead of change since the internet was new. Strategically, technically and communicatively. Today, some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies rely on our dedication and expertise.

Nexer Group is part of the Danir with more than 8,000 employees in twelve countries.

About Folksamgruppen
Folksamgruppen offers insurance, pensions and long-term savings. Folksamgruppen’s vision is for our customers to feel safe in a sustainable world. Folksamgruppen consists of the customer-owned insurance groups Folksam Liv and Folksam Sak with subsidiaries. The Folksam Group includes brands such as Folksam, KPA Pension and Folksam LO Pension.

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