Staffan Strand becomes new Division Director at Nexer | Nexer
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29 Jan 2024

Staffan Strand becomes new Division Director at Nexer

Nexer Group has recently appointed Staffan Strand as Division Director for one of its four global business divisions. Staffan brings extensive experience in the IT/Tech and consulting industries, most recently serving as Division Director for IT Nordics at ALTEN.

In his role as Division Director, Staffan will be responsible for the Core division, comprising more than 1100 employees with a broad range of services and expertise in system development, project management, and strategic management consulting. Most of the operations are in Sweden, with significant presence in Germany, Poland, India, the Czech Republic, and Colombia. The clients are global, spanning various industries and segments, with a growing focus on projects and managed services.

“We are very proud and excited to have Staffan onboard. Staffan is a key person with a proven track record in creating business value in global operations. His values-driven leadership with the right perspective on employees and business is crucial for growth and success,” says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group.

Staffan is an experienced and result oriented business leader with a strong sales drive and customer focus, having worked in the IT/Tech industry for over 20 years. He has previous experience in similar roles at global corporations such as Hitachi, CGI, and ALTEN.

Staffan Strand shares his perspective on Nexer:

“I have been following Nexer with curiosity from the outside for many years, and it will be truly exciting to be part of the organisation from the inside. I am inspired by the strong focus on growth with a well-functioning entrepreneurial model that has rapidly grown the company in recent years with a laser focus on creating client value. I believe I can contribute significantly by bringing energy to the entrepreneurial spirit while also sharing experiences and best practices from large-scale operations to enhance stability and profitability.”

Strong Values and Culture
Nexer is a value-driven company with a clear vision of making a difference, which is one of the reasons Staffan Strand chose to join the company. He is known as a leader who builds successful teams by prioritising employees, recognising the value of a strong company culture and understanding that engaged teams are crucial for long-term success.

“Nexer’s vision of a promising future and making a difference for customers and employees and also for society at large is important to me and something I will drive and enhance,” concludes Staffan.

Staffan is based in Stockholm, part of the executive management team, and reports to CEO Lars Kry.