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24 Nov 2020

Sigma wins HR System Project of the Year

Sigma’s new HR system won first prize together with supplier CatalystOne in the competition HR System Project of the Year, arranged by HerbertNathan & Co.

At the award ceremony online for HR System Project of the Year 2020 on November 24, Sigma was named winner together with the system supplier CatalystOne Solutions.

“We are incredibly proud over the award and how we reached and exceeded our project goals, at the same time as we added new goals during the journey which we also reached”, says Eva Olsson, Project Leader/Business Development at Sigma IT.

What is special about this project is that the independent Sigma businesses in our group, who all have a tremendous entrepreneurial spirit and are rich with ideas, both had to compromise with common system setups as well as meeting the need of company specific solutions.

An additional bonus was the rich exchange of experience that was created during the project, both between sister companies within the Sigma Group, but also with CatalystOne Solutions.

With the new HR system, HR4Sigma, the companies have taken the next step on their digitalization journey. The advantages of the system are several:

  • Increase efficiency and quality, from onboarding to offboarding
  • GDPR compatibility
  • User-friendly with lots of self-service functionality
  • Available on both mobile and computer
  • One system with master data reduces risk of errors
  • Increased security, e g documents don’t need to be emailed

“Winning feels fantastic! This is evidence that with the right attitude, hard work and engagement, everything is possible. The result is so much bigger than any one of us had had the chance to deliver on our own. We have really succeeded with something unique together”, says Eva Olsson.

The jury motivation:
Our winner has succeeded in running a well-organized and effective implementation project in an international and decentralized environment. The delivery has meant common standardized HR processes with company specific solutions where necessary. The result is an almost fifty percent saving of time in most of these HR processes and a wish from the organization to use the HR system for more.

A short video presenting the winner of HR System Project of the Year 2020 can be found here:
Watch the HR System Project video

For more information, contact:

Eva Olsson
Project Leader/Business Development, Sigma IT Group
+46 708 54 30 04

Beatrice Silow
Head of Communications and Culture, Sigma IT Group
+46 703 79 1506