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20 Nov 2023


Tomorrow Report is a future report conducted by Kantar Sifo on behalf of Nexer that shows both challenges and opportunities of digitalisation and future technology from the perspective of the Swedish population. Now, Nexer releases its first global edition, which compares how people in India, the UK, the US, and Sweden view the digital age.

Tomorrow Report – Global Edition clearly shows that India plays in a league of its own in terms of IT skills and confidence, interest in pursuing a career in tech and belief that digitalisation will lead to a brighter future. Moreover, these figures are nearly balanced between genders in India, whereas men in the US, the UK and Sweden rate their IT skills higher and display a higher inclination towards tech careers than women. There is, however, a consistent pattern of heightened interest in tech careers among younger individuals across all nations.


  • Almost 9 out of 10 in India are interested in working in the tech field. The corresponding figure for the US is 5 out of 10, and for Sweden 4 out of 10. In the UK, it’s only 3 out of 10.
  • UK’s youth lags behind India’s elderly when it comes to IT confidence. Swedes uphold their IT confidence as they age, while the self-esteem drops significantly by age in the US.
  • Women generally rate their IT skills lower than men. This contrast is most evident in the US, where 53% of men and 29% of women regard their knowledge as good or very good.
  • Swedes are most sceptical about rapid realisations of tech innovations. In India, 76% believe that all manual labour will be replaced with machines within 20 years, whereas in Sweden, a staggering 56% believe this transformation will never happen.
  • Almost half of India’s population (43%) believe that digitalisation and new technology will successfully solve the climate challenge within 5 years. In comparison, the figures stand at 24% for the US, a mere 8% for the UK, and a strikingly modest 4% for Sweden.

“We are deeply committed to understanding the general public’s perspective on tech and digitalisation, which is why we have released Tomorrow Report in our home market, Sweden, for several years. With this Global Edition, we have expanded our scope to also grasp the diverse viewpoints across India, the UK, and the US.Our aim is to showcase both differences and similarities in order to encourage discussions, uncover future challenges and opportunities, and inspire creative solutions”, says Lars Kry, CEO, Nexer.

In addition to statistics, Tomorrow Report – Global Edition includes supporting articles that dwell deeper and offer alternative perspectives. Annica Sunnman, Managing Director at Nexer India, looks at the factors underlying India’s unique position in the tech industry, while Subhasis Mishra, Head of Talent Acquisition, Asia Pacific, Amazon Entertainment, lists India’s unique challenges and opportunities on its journey to becoming a global talent hub.

Rob Tiffany, Chief Product Officer, Red Bison Networks, gives several examples of how digital technologies can help society create a brighter and more sustainable future, and Dale Williamson, EMEA CTO, Databricks, explains why AI cannot replace the intrinsic qualities that make us uniquely human.

Cecilia Oskarsson, Trade and Invest Commissioner India, Business Sweden, gives her view on future healthcare, and Beatrice Silow, Director of Communications and Culture at Nexer, explains why everyone is needed in the tech industry.

Download Tomorrow Report – Global Edition


Tomorrow Report is based on a survey conducted by Kantar Sifo AB and includes answers from 2,517 respondents aged between 18-79 in Sweden. The data was collected between 26 August 2022 and 5 September 2022. The international survey was conducted in the UK, the US, and India. It includes approximately 1,000 interviews per country with respondents aged 18-79. The survey was conducted between 20 September 2022 and 27 September 2022. The data is weighted by gender, age, and region to provide a nationally representative result.


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For more information, please contact:
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