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17 Nov 2022

Nexer partners with Sony Network Communications Europe to digitalise supply chains

Nexer partners with Sony Network Communications Europe to digitalise supply chains

Nexer partners with Sony Network Communications Europe to deliver their solution for global supply chain visibility: Visilion. The partnership will help more businesses jump-start the digital transformation of their supply chains – to react instantly to logistics problems, improve efficiency and reduce costs. Visilion tracks the location and condition of cargo and other movable assets, providing real-time data for informed decision making and business optimisation.

Visilion is delivered as a turnkey solution with trackers, a cloud service and a web interface. The solution can be connected to Transport Management Systems with APIs or used standalone. Data collected from Visilion provides reliable and actionable information on positioning, temperature deviations, shocks, tilts and more.

Access to up-to-date location and condition data increases the chances of your business’ time-critical, valuable or sensitive goods arriving safely and on time. It also decreases the time it takes to find and verify information, enabling faster, smarter decisions. With the analytics features of Visilion, companies can access the overview needed to make effective changes in the long term. This includes identifying and understanding hidden inefficiencies, decreasing costs by reducing resources related to tracking & shipment queries and optimising vendor performance based on facts.

“Nexer’s digital transformation capabilities and automation practices are well-aligned with the Visilion solution, making this the perfect collaboration. Together we will put Visilion in the hands of more businesses, digitalise more supply chains and increase asset utilisation”, says Erik Lund, Head of the Tracking Division, Visilion, Sony Network Communications Europe.

“Nexer is on the frontline of innovation for business digitalisation and market leading solutions for transformation of industries. With Visilion from Sony, we can provide a powerful solution to give businesses more control of their cargo and assets”, says Martin Lundkvist, Business Area Manager, Nexer Smart industries.

The partnership has had a great kick-start and at Nexer Summit in Gothenburg on the 25th of November, Visilion will be presented as part of the event program.

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Beatrice Silow, Communication and Culture Manager, Nexer Group

Martin Lundkvist, Business Area Manager, Nexer Smart Industries