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13 Sep 2021

Nexer participates when Sweden’s top AI experts come together to strengthen Europe.

Sweden's top AI experts gathered in the newly launched Advisory Board to support the EU's strategies in AI.

EU parliamentarian Jörgen Warborn is now making the Swedish AI expertise heard in the EU. The aim is to strengthen Europe in the global AI arena and improve the conditions for the Swedish tech sector. The European Parliament will decide on a comprehensive regulatory framework for artificial intelligence, setting the framework for the future use of the technology.

Jörgen Warborn is Sweden’s representative on the EU Parliament’s Committee on Artificial Intelligence. The committee will develop the EU’s long-term strategy within AI and play an essential role in designing the new AI regulatory framework.

“Artificial intelligence is the rocket that carries us into the future, and then we can’t refuel it with brake oil. Legislation must boost digital development while ensuring everyone’s safety on the road”, says Jörgen Warborn.

Warborn is creating an advisory board consisting of handpicked, politically independent advisors to sort out the complex issues and ethical conflicts that characterize the development of AI technology. The expert group consists of researchers, philosophers, and business leaders with deep knowledge in AI and related areas.

“The development in the AI field is incredibly fast. Therefore, we politicians must gather as much knowledge as possible to drive development in the right direction. Europe is lagging heavily behind the US and China. We need to pick up speed if we are to maintain our competitiveness in the digital era. In Sweden, we have some of the world’s sharpest tech brains, and my goal is to make them heard in the EU”, says Jörgen Warborn.

Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group, one of the participants in the advisory board, says:

“The AI area is crucial for Sweden and the tech sector, and I am honoured to be a part of the expert committee. We have already had several meetings, and I look forward to working with the other experts to develop AI strategies for the future.

The new advisory board is politically independent and consists of the following experts:

Anna Felländer – Founder of AI Sustainability Center, Advisor to the Government
Göran Lindsjö – AI advisor in Sweden and internationally
Anders Sandberg – Researcher at the Future of Humanity Institute – Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University
Carolina Brånby – Lawyer, Responsible Digital Policy at Confederation of Swedish Enterprise
Erik Kruse – Technology and Network Evangelist
Fredrik Heintz – Deputy Professor Linköping University, Chair. Swedish AI Society, Director WASP Graduate School
Lars Kry – Visionary for the future, business leader and entrepreneur
Lukas Finnveden – Researcher at Future of Humanity Institute – Faculty of Philosophy at Oxford University
Judith Wolst – Author, entrepreneur, and digital strategist
Mouna Esmaeilzadeh – Medical doctor, neuroscientist, and entrepreneur

About AIDA:

Artificial intelligence in a Digital Age is a special committee of the European Parliament that develops a long-term strategy for how AI should be used in the EU. Read more about AIDA.

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