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20 Oct 2021

Nexer is passionate about Python and supports PyCon Sweden 2021

PyCon Sweden 2021 is arranged for the eighth year and Nexer supports as main partner

The Python community gathers at the yearly PyCon Sweden event, this year in digital format, and Nexer is passionate about python and is participating both as a partner and as a speaker.

PyCon Sweden is a yearly Python conference in Sweden organized by Python Sverige since 2014. Python Sverige is a registered non-profit organization in Sweden and gathers the Python community to take part in webinars, workshops and talks. The participants are from all over the world and there are multiple tracks simultaneously so that every Python enthusiast can find content matching their interest.

The speaker from Nexer is Magnus Perman who is a Data Science Tech Lead with over 15 years’ experience of working with different clients and delivered solutions within the areas of Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Analytics and Data Science. He has been a speaker at the Data and Analytics Summit in San Francisco 2017 and 2018 and at various other conferences in Sweden.

Magnus will share his insights on “Infrastructure as code for Data Science using Python” and how the move to cloud has opened a world of new possibilities in software development. It’s so easy to spin up resources in the cloud and together with the adoption of DevOps, software developers are more empowered than ever before.

For the compute heavy Data Science practice, the adoption of Cloud and the flexibility of deploying environments has become a vital success factor. You can have a “supercomputer” at your fingertips for a short time and then you can decommission it again when your work is done. But to be able to use this approach over and over again with the same configuration the actual infrastructure need to be saved in code. Of course this can be done with the help of Python and ideally this should be automated in a true DevOps and CI/CD manner. Magnus will walk through some of his key take aways of working with infrastructure as code for Data Science projects.

If you want to take part in PyCon Sweden 2021 read more at and if you are inspired and want to learn more from Magnus Perman connect at the Live broadcast on Thursday 21st of October at 16:00–16:25 (Europe/Stockholm).

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Magnus Perman, Data Science Tech Lead

Beatrice Silow, Marketing Director Nexer Group