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5 Jun 2024

Nexer is one of the first partners in the newly launched Responsible AI Innovation Center by Microsoft

Nexer is one of the ten partners announced in Microsoft’s newly launched Responsible AI Innovation Center. This landmark initiative I a significant stride for the business and AI sectors. The partnership between Microsoft and Nexer is a testament to our shared commitment to fostering innovation and upholding responsible AI practices.

The Responsible AI Innovation Center is a customer-focused offering that provides access to Microsoft’s extensive expertise and fosters collaboration with an ecosystem of top industry stakeholders. The goal is to empower organisations to use AI technologies effectively and responsibly to boost innovation. Nexer’s participation in this initiative is not just a collaboration but a gateway to significant growth. Nexer will participate in marketing and communication through the center and gain preferred access to Microsoft’s AI tech community, events, and resources. This includes best practices, collaboration opportunities, and access to Microsoft facilities.

Microsoft and its partners are set to deliver substantial benefits to customers. For instance, the Responsible AI Innovation Center streamlines the integration of AI into business workflows, facilitating a seamless transition from ideation to implementation. This is particularly crucial for companies aiming to maintain a competitive edge in a rapidly evolving technological landscape. The center also strongly emphasises ethical and responsible AI practices, instilling in customers the integrity and confidence to embrace responsible AI for innovation.

“The Responsible AI Innovation Center will give our Swedish customers a unique opportunity to benefit from collective innovation power through responsible AI. This is an important step in our work to promote Swedish innovation, and we are very proud to be able to launch the Responsible AI Innovation Center to our customers,” says Thomas Floberg, Vice President of Microsoft Sweden.

The center is a program and a comprehensive service organised into three stages—Envisioning, Exploring, and Scaling—to support customers throughout their AI journey. It caters to businesses’ varied needs, from establishing AI strategies to developing prototypes and broadening the scope of successful applications. With the combined capabilities of Microsoft’s complete AI portfolio, the center boosts productivity, fosters collaboration, and drives growth through innovation.

As this transformative journey begins, Microsoft and Nexer invite business leaders globally to embrace the value of AI. This collaboration aims to reshape the approach to AI in business, charting a course towards impactful and responsible grounded AI innovation.

“No one has missed that the data landscape has completely exploded in the last two years, opening up possibilities alongside risks and challenges. Microsoft is leading the way through its Responsible AI Innovation Center initiative. I am proud that we are a key partner of Microsoft, and we have chosen to support our companies and organisations in harnessing AI responsibly and accelerating their growth.” says David Österlindh, CEO, Nexer Insight.

Together, We Shape the Future of Responsible AI.

For more information, please contact:
Mats Stuhrmann, Commercial Manager, Nexer Insight

David Österlindh, CEO, Nexer Insight

About Nexer Group
Nexer Group is an international tech company with roots in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit, engineering, and innovation. Nexer works with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies, bringing expertise in digital transformation, IT, tech and R&D. Nexer Group has 2800 experts in 15 countries.

Nexer Insight, a division of Nexer Group, excels as an AI pioneer within the Microsoft Ecosystem. It is dedicated to enabling organisations to expand their AI capabilities on Azure and collaborates closely with clients to craft comprehensive AI strategies. This is achieved by leveraging the innovative Lakehouse Architecture, which integrates various data management and AI processes to transform how enterprises approach and utilise artificial intelligence.