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2 Jul 2021

Nexer Enterprise Applications Ltd in strategic partnership with To-Increase

Nexer Enterprise Applications Ltd in strategic partnership with To-Increase. The aim is to be able to help more clients within manufacturing.

To further support its global business growth, Nexer Enterprise Applications Limited in the UK, announces a strategic partnership with To-Increase — a Global SaaS leader in Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications, with a highly scalable business model, utilizing a global distribution channel to drive organic growth.

This partnership aims to add more capabilities related to Microsoft Dynamics 365 business applications to Nexer’s existing and new clients. Nexer has substantial growth and is a trusted partner and advisor across the manufacturing sector.

“We are delighted to formally announce this partnership, which provides Nexer with complimentary applications that further enhance our applications and tools, and provide a wider range of solutions that are focused on improving our clients’ supply chain and value proposition. The tool set is aimed at one of Nexer’s strategic target market places, manufacturing. The partnership is intended to support Nexer’s growth ambitions, to become one of Microsoft’s major global Partners,” says Martin Burden, Commercial Director, Nexer Enterprise Applications Ltd.

“To-Increase has had a long working relationship with Nexer in Nordics, and we look forward to working with them in their new operations in the UK. Manufacturing sector has been one of our key focus areas, and this partnership will help us extend our solution outreach to a wider audience in the manufacturing industry,” opines Luciano Cunha, CEO, To-Increase.

About Nexer
Nexer is a global tech company with over 1,600 experts in 9 countries delivering projects to over 37 countries globally. The company is a part of the Danir group, a Swedish privately held business with 8,000 co-workers. Before 2021, Nexer operated as Sigma IT.

With a strong heritage of over 30 years of experience and strong roots in entrepreneurship and innovation; In a world gone digital, we keep our customers one step ahead.

Some of the world’s largest and most demanding businesses rely on our dedication and expertise within digital transformation, Business applications, artificial intelligence, Cloud, IoT, IT and R&D. We secure their progress by exploring cutting-edge tech, pushing ourselves to innovate, and sharing our skills within strategy, technology and communication.

About To-Increase
Founded in 2005, To-Increase provides business software solutions to over 2200 mid-market and enterprise customers in 45 countries. Our asset-centric solutions include engineering, manufacturing, servicing, and renting or leasing assets. We also deliver customer-centric solutions that help companies align technology with strategic goals, operate more efficiently, and provide the best possible experience to their customers. Across devices, business locations, and work environments, To-Increase offerings help companies master their unique requirements with standardized technology that is easy and economical to deploy and maintain.

To-Increase is the only three-time Microsoft Dynamics Global Outstanding ISV of the Year award winner and offers an impressive portfolio of industry, business, and technical productivity solutions for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Contact for more information:
Martin Burden, Commercial Director, Nexer Enterprise Applications, Ltd.

Lucas Doornhein, Chief Marketing Officer, To-Increase