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18 Jan 2023

Nexer contributes to Stena Stål's growth journey with efficient business platform

Nexer delivers, in connection with the ERP implementation of Microsoft Dynamics as business platform, a faster and more efficient supply chain with information transparency that contributes to faster and fact-based decisions. This gives Stena Stål an increased competitive edge with a future-proof system to support their customers better and increase their profitability.
Stena Stål AB is a nationwide steel supplier operating in Sweden and Norway with a wide range of steel products such as beams, bars, tubes, reinforcement, plate, stainless, aluminum, and special steels. Stena Stål is part of the Stena Metall Group, with seven business areas in more than 200 locations in nine countries. Through research and development, they work to meet future challenges with new, sustainable solutions. Stena Metall’s nearly 4,000 employees work closely with partners and customers to create value from a business perspective as well as for the environment and society at large.

The project’s goal, which Stena Stål calls FLOW, is to build consistent and efficient business processes that enable a safe and attractive Stena Stål. With a new, modern manufacturing platform, Stena Stål wants to standardise its way of working, create process and system improvements, support further development, and support customers with an improved platform for e-commerce and more efficient handling of, e.g. freight in both purchasing and delivery.

Another goal is to introduce a user-friendly business system that frees time for the company’s employees to focus on core business and customer development.

Nexer Enterprise Applications has been given the responsibility to implement the Dynamics platform for the entire organisation with overall goals of development, increased transparency, and automation. The platform supports all departments and enables everyone to work in one system with many different tasks. The new business platform provides greater control and use of data to develop new customer offerings as well as drive business.

”In the procurement process, we chose Nexer because it was the partner with the most experience in the business-critical criteria we had identified. We also felt that we were prioritised and that we had similar culture and values”, says Viktoria Skantz, CFO of Stena Stål.

” Companies and organisations need to understand the opportunities in the cloud if they take control of their data and use it to drive business. Stena Stål’s investment in Dynamics as a business platform is inspiring and shows that they are at the forefront of the industry when it comes to creating new opportunities across the organisation using data”,says Åsa Drape SR GTM Manager Biz Apps Microsoft.

”We find it exciting to run such an interesting and complex project together with Stena Stål. We are happy for the trust and that they see the benefits of our specialist knowledge in D365 and SCM. The project has started well, and we look forward to continuing our journey”, concludes Jennie Jaurinder, Managing Director, Nexer Enterprise Applications Sweden.

For more information, please contact
Jennie Jaurinder, Managing Director, Nexer Enterprise Applications Sweden
+46 761 41 4019
Beatrice Silow, Communications and Culture Manager, Nexer Group
+46 703 79 1506