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13 Apr 2021

Nexer continues to develop within cyber security

Jesper Svegby, CEO Nexer Cybersecurity

The field of cyber security is becoming increasingly relevant regardless of organisation or geography. Several changes make the challenge increasingly complex such as rapid transformation through digitalisation, increasing demands from customers and partners, legal requirements at a national and international level and industrialisation of digital threats. By 2021, it is estimated to lack about 3.5 million cyber security professionals globally. This gives the digital society a poor chance of being robust and credible, as it must be when the challenges increase exponentially given the rapid digital development.

Nexer Cybersecurity continues to invest in cyber security with an extra focus on new needs and requirements that their customers need to relate to daily. The aim is to break one of the biggest challenges in the field; create a situation where security becomes business relevant and integrated into the customer’s entire business.

Responsible for Nexer Cybersecurity is Jesper Svegby, who has been active in the area for the last 20 years in product and service companies such as Pointsec and Check Point where he was responsible for Strategic Sales Europe. Most recently, Jesper comes from the cyber security company Nixu where he was Chief Commercial Officer.

“It is with great pleasure that I welcome Jesper to Nexer and look forward to taking the next step in cyber security with his long and solid experience. We want to enable our customers to realise their growth goals with digitalisation as an engine, where cyber security is cost-consciously integrated into the customer’s business,” says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer Group.

Successful cyber security requires having a holistic perspective and embedding safety from the start in various projects. This is one of the biggest obstacles to operations today, where there are major security needs but limited capacity. This entails considerable costs, delays and a not-insignificant amount of frustration where safety is often set against development.

“Nexer has fantastic potential to be the natural partner when it comes to security given our focus on digitalisation and transformation in everything we do. It doesn´t matter if it’s related to cloud, IoT, AI or any other technology area. Here we have one of the most important keys for our customers where we can embed security from the start,” concludes Jesper Svegby, CEO Nexer Cybersecurity.

For more information, please contact:
Jesper Svegby, CEO Nexer Cybersecurity
+46 733 565456