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29 Sep 2021

Nexer battles tech sector inequality through a new female engineering program

Female developers are in the minority in the tech industry – often due to the male-dominated culture in the workplace. Nexer has created Q Collective to battle inequality, a program aimed at female and non-binary software engineers.

According to Unionen, the Swedish trade union, four out of ten women leave the tech industry – very much due to the male-dominated culture in the workplace. To battle this Nexer R&D has created Q Collective – Nexer Female Engineering. A program that aims to contribute to a stronger female and non-binary software developer community. Also, to give female and non-binary engineers the possibility of belonging and close relationships with female and non-binary colleagues.

“We want to contribute and make a real difference by bringing about a change in workplace culture – everyone should feel that here is a place I want to stay. It’s not about changing people so that they fit in. By taking advantage of our differences, we will also create better and safer workplaces for everyone in the long run”, says Linda Henriksson, Business Unit Manager, Nexer R&D.

Q Collective is a one-year program aimed at software engineers in Gothenburg who identify as women or non-binary who want to be part of the Nexer family and take the next step in their careers. Through Q Collective, they will gain a network, feel belonging, and be part of a change in the tech industry. In short, find a place to feel safe and thrive.

“I have felt what it can be like as a woman in a male-dominated workplace. To counter this, we work relentlessly to create a workplace where everyone can be themselves, feel a sense of belonging and community, regardless of whether you are a female, non-binary, or male. Q Collective is part of our work to achieve this”, says Camilla Dahl, Consultant Manager, Nexer R&D.

Ten applicants with a minimum of two years’ software development experience will be hand-picked and employed at Nexer R&D in Gothenburg. In parallel with customer assignments, each participant will take part in program activities such as personal development, networking, and competence development. Topics will be, e.g., Telecom and Automotive specifics, customer insights, Continuous Integration and Deployment (CI/CD), and work-life balance.
Q Collective starts in March 2022, and the recruitment is ongoing.

For more information, please contact:
Linda Henriksson
BU Manager, Nexer R&D
+46 766 488 763

Beatrice Silow
Head of Communication & Culture, Nexer
+46 703 791 506