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14 Jun 2024

Nexer appointed Premier Partner by Stibo Systems

Nexer appointed Global Premier Partner by Stibo Systems

Stibo Systems, a provider of world-leading master data management (MDM) solutions, appoints Nexer – a global tech company with roots in Sweden – Global Premier Implementation Partner. This emphasises a shared commitment to offer transformative and sustainable master data management solutions globally.

Since 2011, Nexer has been a valued partner of Stibo Systems, collaborating closely to deliver sustainable and best practice data management solutions and services. The appointment and elevation to top tier Premier Partner level underscores Nexer’s contributions and dedication, leveraging the collaboration and, strengthens the opportunites to extend their joint ventures worldwide.

Nexer has established a strong presence among Stibo Systems STEP customers in the Nordics, demonstrating deep-rooted expertise and understanding of organisational unique needs across multiple industries. With a large and growing team of senior, “full track certified” Stibo Systems STEP consultants, they now deliver projects globally, currently in Northern Europe, the US, and India. Nexer’s expansive and experienced consultant team, along with international management and sales representation in both the Nordics and the US, strengthens Nexer’s position as a Premier Implementation Partner, ensuring seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction on a global scale.

Nexer also possesses a distinctive edge with its proficiency in Product Data Exchange (PDX). Since 2022, Nexer has been Stibo Systems’ exclusive partner on the Stibo PDX platform, offering support, training, channel configurations, and rollouts – a capability unmatched by any other partner.

Fredrik Larsson, CEO of Nexer Data Management, expresses enthusiasm about the new level of partnership, stating:

“We are proud to extend and scale up our collaboration with Stibo Systems and showcase our unique strengths on a global stage. Our extensive Nordic customer base, sustainability edge, and senior Stibo Systems STEP team with specialised PDX capabilities position us as a preferred partner for businesses seeking transformative MDM solutions.”

Gauri Chawla, SVP Global Alliances at Stibo Systems, adds:

“After such a long partnership, delivering successful MDM projects to customers such as Salling Group, Husqvarna, Ahlsell, Mekonomen, KGK, Oatly, BUFAB, and others, we see a promising future together. Nexer’s dedication, expertise, and continuous customer-focused work on our platform since 2011 have truly paid off. We look forward to continued success and the exciting opportunities ahead.”

In addition to their extensive partnership history, Nexer has demonstrated remarkable dedication to data-driven sustainability through its product development endeavours. Their Footprint Data Management solution, developed on Stibo Systems’ STEP platform, exemplifies Nexer’s pioneering efforts in sustainability data management. This solution, combined with Stibo Systems’ own ESG data management capabilities, offers enterprises an unprecedented opportunity to leverage a data-driven strategy in achieving their sustainability goals.

By applying master data disciplines to sustainability data, businesses can effectively address challenges related to data collection, consolidation, data governance and more efficient data exchange while increasing data transparency, and most importantly, be able to trust the accuracy of the data they share with other systems and channels.

About Nexer:
Nexer Data Management is part of Nexer Group, a global tech company rooted in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit, and offers expertise in PIM, MDM, integrations, Product Data Exchange, AMS, and sustainable data management solutions. Partner with Stibo Systems since 2011.

About Stibo Systems:
Stibo Systems empowers companies to unlock the strategic value of data. By providing a single, accurate trusted view of their master data, we enable them to deliver data transparency, and to drive innovation, transformation and growth.

For more information, please contact:
Fredrik Larsson, CEO Nexer Data Management

Anna Enarsson, Marketing Director Nexer Data Management