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11 Jan 2024

Nexer and NTT Security collaborate on data-driven risk analysis in cybersecurity

Cybersecurity companies Nexer Cybersecurity and NTT Security are entering into a strategic partnership to offer data-driven cybersecurity risk analysis. The analysis is based on current data from NTT Security’s Cyber Security Centre (SOC) and Nexer Cybersecurity’s modelling for quantitative risk analysis. The collaboration means that the companies together take a holistic approach to the company’s cyber security – from risk analysis to implemented solutions for detecting and stopping cyber attacks on an ongoing basis.

The demands and ability to balance investments and security level are increasing due to external threats, new demands, economic downturn and the need for a more dynamic business. To navigate this context, companies and organizations must identify risks on a daily basis and implement cybersecurity strategies based on the latest technology, measurability, and data. At the same time, companies and organizations need to be able to respond quickly to cyber threats and meet new regulatory requirements, such as the EU’s cybersecurity legislation, NIS2 and Dora.

  • In today’s troubled times, collaboration is essential to gain a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity challenges businesses and organizations are facing. In our Cyber Security Centre, we monitor and analyse cyber threats – every day, all year round. By combining our experience and knowledge with Nexer, we can create flexible and holistic solutions – from risk analysis to detecting and stopping threats,” says Fredrik Olsson, Head of NTT Security Nordics.
  • We deliver dynamic offerings where senior management pays exactly for the protection they need, based on their level of investment in cybersecurity. NTT Security has access to large amounts of data about cyber threats and together we can help our customers make informed decisions regarding cybersecurity. It is about making cyber risks understandable, transparent and measurable for all parties involved and demonstrating the likelihood and cost of future breaches through risk quantification. says Jesper Svegby, CEO of Nexer Cybersecurity.
  • Together, we offer a local presence with experienced cybersecurity specialists but also the capacity to meet the needs of customers looking to expand overseas. Through our partnership, we take greater responsibility for the customer’s journey, where we combine risk quantification based on data with rapid response to ensure a comprehensive and robust cybersecurity solution that meets current and future cyber threats,” concludes Fredrik Olsson.

At NTT Security’s Security Center (SOC) in Gothenburg, Sweden, 10,000 potential and real attacks are detected and dealt with every day. At the same time, 40 percent of all internet traffic passes through NTT Security’s cables and systems, which means that the amount of data and thus the knowledge of cyberattacks is large.

Nexer Cybersecurity is a specialist company within Nexer Group that drives change in cybersecurity, identifies risks and implements new ways of working to ensure organizations’ security over time. The dynamic business model offered enables companies, authorities and organizations to adapt depending on how the business develops in the future. Nexer Cybersecurity creates the conditions for businesses to achieve a business-like cybersecurity that in a simple way makes all parts of a business understand and act based on their specific responsibilities. This creates a common understanding of the level of security and ensures that the right decisions are made when it comes to investments in technology, people and processes to achieve and maintain the given level of security over time.

About NTT Security
NTT Security provides proactive cyber defense and services to protect our customers and society. For more than 20 years, our company has helped clients protect their digital businesses by anticipating, detecting, and responding to cyber threats, while supporting business innovation and managing risk. Our SOCs, R&D centers, and security experts deliver cyber threat intelligence and respond to hundreds of thousands of security incidents each year. Together, we are securing the connected future.

About Nexer
Nexer Group is an international tech company with roots in Swedish entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Nexer has 2800 experts in 15 countries and is part of the Danir Group, a privately held Swedish company. Nexer works with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies, bringing expertise in digital transformation, IT, tech and R&D.

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Jesper Svegby, vd Nexer Cybersecurity

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