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7 Jul 2022

ICA launches new e-commerce solution developed by Nexer

ICA launches new e-commerce solution developed by Nexer

Nexer Unified Commerce was chosen as digital advisor and partner to meet the needs of ICA Sweden’s stores for a future-proof, user-friendly and cost-effective e-commerce solution for store furnishings and equipment. Nexer Group, of which Nexer Unified Commerce is a part of, are experts in digitalisation in strategy, technology and communication and offer, among other things, the e-commerce solution Storefront based on Umbraco Cloud as CMS and a powerful e-commerce engine on Storm Commerce.

ICA Sweden is a service provider for approximately 1300 retailer-owned stores and the leading player in the Nordic grocery sector. Together with Apotek Hjärtat, ICA Bank, ICA Försäkring and ICA Fastigheter, they form ICA Group. The stores have until now used an outdated and cumbersome e-commerce solution for ordering everything from heat lamps to shopping trolleys, which has created unnecessary and costly manual work for purchasing managers.

In order to manage the important supply chain and make all processes easier, ICA wanted to switch to a more future-proof, user-friendly e-commerce solution and the choice of partner fell on Nexer Unified Commerce, who offers the Storefront service. It is a complete content and e-commerce platform based on user-friendly Umbraco Cloud as CMS and a powerful e-commerce engine on Storm Commerce. With Storefront, the solution can be tailored to ICA’s unique integration and development needs.

Offering the best of both worlds
Storefront is a fully cloud-based e-commerce solution that enables the best of both worlds; a solution equipped with best practice e-commerce components that provide fast time-to-market while being scalable and flexible. With Storefront, the most successful results from over 100 implemented projects have been brought together. All this experience has been packaged into a powerful e-commerce solution that is prepared to be combined with other platforms, technologies and designs into a modern and flexible solution – tailored to the unique needs of the customer.

Built for the future
ICA BIU’s system map involves several external systems, and with Storefront from Nexer, integrations have been made with Order Management and Product Enrichment as well as ICA’s financial systems. The solution is scalable and future-proofed to meet growth and future market demands, without limitations, regardless of what systems are added in the future.

We are incredibly proud to be the digital partner of ICA BIU and to produce a future-proof, scalable solution with which we can grow together. With Storefront, we are demonstrating how a good foundation contributes to efficiency and stability while enabling unique and sustainable e-commerce. ICA’s BIU solution is proof of how we create value by putting energy where it counts – on the customer, says Ebba Persson, E-commerce Project Manager at Nexer Unified Commerce.

For more information, please contact:
Ebba Persson, Project Manager, Nexer Unified Commerce
Email: ebba.persson@nexergroup.com
Phone: +46 (0)76 116 65 6

About Nexer Unified Commerce
Unified Commerce is an e-commerce specialist unit within Nexer Group that is an expert in digitalisation of commerce. The goal is to provide customers with easier and more efficient management, as well as to provide customers with a better experience. Unified Commerce brings together all e-commerce and customer dialogue systems into an ecosystem that provides a seamless experience for all involved, with the customer’s business benefit in focus.