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21 Apr 2021

Accelerates in strategy and digital transformation

Marie Wirkestrand, B-O Hertz and Pierre Renhult, strategy experts at Nexer.

Nexer leads digitalisation and innovation and helps its customers with strategy, tech and communication. New recruitment of leading experts accelerates the company’s ability to enter strategic partnerships to deliver further business and customer value.

Changed customer behaviours, access to information, increased processing power, the number of connected devices and systems provide an accelerating need for new business models. The gap between what customers expect and how traditional companies deliver is large, and new entrants take market share. Once you have experienced a better service or product, you expect everyone else to live up to that standard as well. Trends indicate that digitalisation is crucial to maintain competitiveness and create increased value based on both growth and efficiency.

In the recently published future report, Tomorrow Report, it is clear that Swedes’ digital self-confidence is increasing and that they to a high degree, believe that new technology brings a better future. The report shows a high expectation that IT and digitalisation will lead to more efficient use of resources in society, better law enforcement, visibility of global challenges, and predicting environmental risks and disasters.

Nexer has deep and long experience in the tech area and is now growing with an increased focus in strategy and communication to strengthen its position as a long-term strategic partner in digital transformation. As one of the few players in the market, Nexer can offer support throughout the whole chain from strategy to implementation, including the critical part with change management. One journey – one strategic partner.

To accelerate in the field, critical competence is needed, and therefore recruitment of leading profiles in the industry has been made. These are:
• B-O Hertz, Head of Smart Industries
• Marie Wirkestrand, Head of Digital Advisory
• Pierre Renhult, Head of Aptitude

“The strategy area is an important part of our offering and is one of the reasons why we have a unique position in the market. I am very proud to welcome B-O, Marie and Pierre to Nexer. They all have a solid background and expertise in the strategy area and will contribute to our own and in our customers’ operations in a fantastic way,” says Lars Kry, CEO of Nexer group.

Here are three different perspectives on digitalisation from Nexer’s newly recruited strategy experts.

B-O Hertz, who comes most recently from Toyota Material Handling in the role of Director Solutions Software R&D, explains:

“My background from driving transformation in different industries – Telecom, IT, Automotive and Logistics – has given me an insight: As the management of a company, I need external advice to make the right plans, but the hardest thing is always to succeed with implementation and execution. And that’s why I want to be a part of Nexer. There are capabilities and practical experience here that make digitalisation plans a reality,” says B-O Hertz, Head of Smart Industries.

Another key recruitment is Marie Wirkestrand, who has experience as Head of Digital Transformation & Innovation at KPMG. Marie continues:

“I have worked in the borderland between operations and IT for many years and know that no matter how good a strategy is, it takes both technical expertise and project/change management to implement it. Many companies are also undergoing an agile transformation, which often involves changes in governance, processes and organisation. I chose Nexer because here is the opportunity as a partner to support customers along the entire journey from strategy to implementation”, says Marie Wirkestrand, Head of Digital Advisory.

Pierre Renhult has been recruited as a strategy expert and an expert in the start-up arena and communication. Pierre Renhult has extensive experience in the industry and has previous experience as CEO of Vinngroup and DigitasLBi.

“I have had the privilege of working with digital transformation in most industries, and the need for rapid change has never been greater. For me, there is only one truth, develop or decommission. Nexer is a well-recognised tech company and the combination of strategic services, technical implementation, and communication is the key to success. Strategic insights are extremely valuable but nothing worthwhile unless implemented to deliver value to the end-user. I chose Nexer because there is a broad base and deep cutting-edge expertise in all the areas required as a partner to support customers throughout the journey from strategy to implementation”, concludes Pierre Renhult, Head of Aptitude at Nexer.

For more information:
B-O Hertz, Head of Smart industries
+46 730 680308

Marie Wirkestrand, Head of Digital Advisory
+46 709 296694

Pierre Renhult, Head of Aptitude
+46 729 769655

Beatrice Silow, Head of Communications and Culture
+46 703 791506