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What does Inbound Marketing mean?

Inbound Marketing is a business strategy to help potential customers find your company instead of the other way around. It’s about sharing information, educating, and engaging with them in a two-way conversation – on their terms and based on their interests.


– Video guides
– Blogs and articles
– Case studies
– Webinars
– White papers
– Live events

What does Inbound Marketing cost?

Inbound Marketing is cheaper than Outbound Marketing because it’s customer-driven. Over time, it will increase your bottom line. That being said, the initial price tag will be different for different types of businesses.

Costs will vary depending on e.g.:

– Whether or not you have internal resources to develop strategies and create and promote high quality content on a regular basis
– The amount of optimisation you need to do to your website, since search engine optimisation (SEO) affects inbound
– Whether or not you need to create a social media presence and blog from scratch
– How many landing pages, offers and calls to action you currently have in place on your website

The good news is that once you have these building blocks in place, automation will make your Inbound Marketing easier and less expensive over time.

How do I create an Inbound Marketing strategy?

As with any marketing, a successful Inbound Marketing strategy starts with proper planning. You need to define your business goals and buyer personas. Next, you need to find out what type of content your customers are consuming at different points in the buyer’s journey – and determine which platforms you should utilise to generate maximum engagement.

Thereafter, you need to create quality content and find ways to measure and analyse for example:

– Qualified leads
– Social media growth
– Most popular blog posts
– Landing page effectiveness
– Customer acquisition cost
– Time spent on site
– Conversion rate

Do you need help getting started? Book a free video meeting with one of our inbound specialists!

What companies are Inbound Marketing suitable for?

Inbound Marketing provides value to a wide variety of businesses and industries, including financial services, manufacturing, automotive, healthcare, information technology, media, travel, non-profit, and many others. The biggest exception is fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG), where the sales cycles are very short. Talk to us and we will explain what results you can expect from starting to work with Inbound Marketing.

Why should we work with you?

We are specialised in B2B Inbound Marketing, sales enablement, CRM and web design, accessibility, and more. Above all, we provide honest guidance that will make a measurable difference to your bottom line. In addition, we make sure that we have fun together when we create the optimal Inbound Marketing strategy for your business!

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Are you interested in learning more about Inbound Marketing and how you can get customers to come to you instead of having to chase? Feel free to read our guide to get started.

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