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About the webinars: Cameras need a lot of attention, people sitting and analyzing the data. We might never remove all that work, but we can minimize it. By combining Computer vision and edge compute and scale it over clusters of video cameras, or even a complete CCTV system, you will soon see the added value there is in your camera infrastructure. By constantly analyzing the video stream and create small events for each use case you have you will soon minimize manual work and make better use of your camera infrastructure. You also have the possibility to add cameras with more advanced functionality like Thermal, microphone or what have you.

There are many use cases like social distancing, “no go” zones, object tracking, anomaly detection, safety, and security solutions in places like ports, airports, construction sites, office buildings, warehouses, hospitals, retail, and manufacturing. Sites with large amounts of cameras generating huge amounts of data. Here edge compute comes in handy, the latency would be too big in some cases to send all the data to the cloud. Quick responses to events found in the data needs edge compute. Of course, you will see hybrid solutions with edge and cloud analytics to make a solution complete.

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