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Nexer & Partner Summit 2023 

Harness the POwer of data chaos
– turn data into growth

Welcome to an inspiring day where we, together with our partners, aim to energise you with ways of harnessing your data through strategy, analytics and technology, thereby achieving growth for your company.  
Most companies store vast amounts of data. ResearchGate states that US companies in all sectors have at least 100 terabytes of stored data – many of which even have more than one petabyte. This, many times, unstructured data is a virtual goldmine for growth. Yet, according to Microsoft, 60-73 percent of all enterprise data goes unused for analytics. It’s a real shame, according to McKinsey, putting data to work will, for example, enable you to make better and faster decisions and outperform your competitors in sales growth by as much as 85 per cent. It will also help you increase profit and decrease overall costs.

Be inspired and achieve growth

Do you need inspiration on how to succeed in using your data to achieve growth? Then watch the videos from February 8th, where we offered interesting and exciting talks and panel discussions in the morning, led by Susanne Erkenmark, Business Unit Manager, Nexer Worklife.
In the afternoon, there were deep-dive by our many prominent partners. You will find all the details and the agenda below.

  • February the 8th, 08:30-16:45
  • Epicenter, Stockholm


Sustainability is a multi-faceted challenge that concerns most aspects of modern human life.  
Data and data analysis can be critical enablers for sustainability. You can gain valuable insight, optimise your processes, and ramp up digital transformation and business growth through a Modern Data Platform and cutting-edge AI technology such as computer vision and NLP (Natural Language Processing). 
Maybe you need to make more efficient use of buildings and infrastructure, work predictively with your logistics, or manage your product’s life cycle data and environmental impact. Does it sound complex? Don’t worry – we will talk about how in this panel discussion with Anna Enarsson, Marketing Manager Nexer Data Management, David Österlindh, Business Area Manager Nexer Insight, and Jennie Jaurinder, Business Area Manager, Nexer Enterprise Applications.

Do you want to put your data to work to achieve sustainability?


Each year digital inventions bring new changes to our markets and industries. First, the Internet changed how we did business; then, mobile changed how we interacted with each other. How can you prepare your business for the next disruption? In this interactive talk, Jonas Kjellberg speaks about the disruptors or “game changers” who are remaking the world of business around us. Then he challenges the game changers in the audience to tell him he’s wrong and to contribute to the discussion.

Jonas Kjellberg is Chairman of the Board at Nornorm, Co-Creator of Skype, Author, and Investor


The current world situation has become less stable over the past 12 months, and we are heading for an unknown and uncertain future with possible risks not seen since World War II. The situation has forced us to alter the way we perceive and work with cybersecurity, adopting a risk-based approach where we make decisions founded on data and data analysis. 

Jesper Svegby, Business Area Manager Nexer Cybersecurity gives a talk about this approach, followed by a discussion with Sandra Barouta Elvin, National Security Manager of Microsoft Sweden.

Want help moving towards a more risk base approach to security?


Ask your co-workers what they need to do a good job and have paramount work experience. They will likely answer easy access to correct information and means to communicate with co-workers and management. Ask your customers what they need to be satisfied; they will probably answer relevant and guiding information available at the right time – making them feel acknowledged. You get peace of mind, and they will become more loyal to you. A simple way to achieve this is by implementing a digitalised proactive customer service, which lets you own the customer dialogue up until delivery to the customer; data that is too precious to give away.

Hanna Karppi, Head of Digital Worklife, and Fredrik Axell, Business Area Manager, shares their insights.

Do you want to use data more to increase customer or employee engagement?


During the last years, working life has taken new forms – nowadays, we work much more remotely or in a hybrid setup. What demands does this raise on leaders? How do you make hybrid working co-workers feel engaged and included?  Where does AI come into the picture to help us in our daily work?
Thomas Floberg is COO, deputy country manager and Member of Microsoft Sweden Leadership team.

breakout sessionS


In the afternoon we present breakout sessions with our many partners.

Stibo Systems

Accelerating sustainability through master data management

Jesper Grode, Director Product Innovation, and Damien Fellowes, Manufacturing Practice Lead EMEA at Stibo Systems

With many manufacturers adopting sustainability initiatives, there is a growing concern regarding the exactitude and transparency of information obtained and the speed with which it is curated and published against ESG initiatives. There is a demand for accelerating and streamlining sustainability practices that is founded on a clear, single source of truth. Stibo Systems multidomain Master Data Management platform provides this. Managing the consolidation, cleansing, governance and sharing of sustainability data – aligned to products, suppliers, and locations – to drive sustainability initiatives with clarity on risk and analytics.


Digitalization is not automation

Fredrik Rydqvist, Strategic Sales Executive & Business Advisor and Markus Eskilson, Partner Sales and Enablement

Most finance departments have some level of automation today, but most have not gained the benefits with automation as the manual steps have only shifted. How should you look at your Accounts Payable process to move beyond digitalization? What problems can you solve, what are the benefits, both short-term and long-term? The journey and learnings of a Medius customer will be included in this session.


Trends in communication and ecom in challenging times

Andrew Golrang, Product Director Voyado

Voyado share key findings from its Index Report and the big holiday seasons sales back-end statistics. What are the trends and what can retailers and B2C companies do different to improve results and efficiency?


From Content to Conversion in the real-time economy

Ian Rendall, Regional Vice President of Consultancy

– Managing customer expectations in the real-time economy

– Mastering your building blocks of brand maturity– Connecting content & data with customer expectations

– Implementing four steps to uplift conversions with the perfect product detail page

– Controlling the data and content supply chain from brand to retail to customer


Take control of your digital assets with a (QBank) DAM and turn complex into streamlined

Hootan Soheilzad, Business Development Officer, QBank DAM

Are your digital assets well-organized and available to users, wherever they are? How do you optimize if you aren’t in control? Managing digital assets with an enterprise DAM is far beyond just storage – in this session you will learn how QBank helps users increase their content use by 30% and increase social media engagement by 400%. We will also share how you can maximize the use of your assets through a solid metadata structure and taxonomy.


Intelligent AP Automation inside Dynamics365

Olof Hedin, Group CEO
Ali Chehab, Senior ExFlow specialist 

To automate the P2P (Purchase to Pay) flow is a gradual process and during the session SignUp will show how ExFlow helps companies to leverage their investment´s in D365 and at the same time driving cost down, compliance up and increasing control throughout the process. ExFlow also provides Machine Learning/AI capabilities that drives automation to an even higher level. The session will also include an overview of Microsoft’s new Invoice Capture Power App.


The digital shelf with its challenges, opportunities – and what’s needed to win there.
Joakim Gavelin, VP Digital Shelf Services at inriver
Brands and manufacturers have gone omnichannel, and they all sell more products to more customers via more channels than ever before – whereof the digital shelf have the widest spread and it’s always open.
During this session, Joakim will illustrate some of the largest threats, learnings and opportunities on the digital shelf and the importance of getting the valuable product information correctly implemented everywhere at the launch of a product, and the value to audit the online execution over time to avoid that products and assets go missing, being blended up or ending up as incorrectly presented somewhere – which is way more common than what you might think.


The power of data-fueled experimentation

Mårten Bokedal,
Director Product strategy, Optimizely

In the age of the customer, the companies that goes beyond customer-led to becoming customer-centric will reap a competitive edge. In this session you will learn how to use customer data in combination with experimentation to make better decisions and drive incremental growth. Get hands-on examples from some of the world´s leading companies together with insights of how to foster a culture of experimentation.


Don’t leave your documents to chance

Daniel Maurer, Partner Sales Manager, Formpipe and Stefan Olsson, Account Manager, Tabellae

In a World where customers communication choices are numerous, their demands are higher and the number of channels are growing, improving your customer communication is more important than ever before.


Unlock the potential of a composable commerce PIM

Magnus Blombergsson,
Partner Success Manager at Norce and Fredrik Gustavsson, SaaS innovator at Owlstreet

This session will dig deep on how e-tailers can utilize product information to in a composable commerce landscape.

Norce is a Nordic leader in software as a service (SaaS) for commerce. We provide retailers, brands and B2B customers with powerful tools for growth. Through a composable architecture, an open platform (API-first) and cloud-based offering (True SaaS), we allow solution partners and e-tailers to create tomorrow’s customer journeys. Together, we accelerate the transformation of digital commerce.

safe security

The REAL need for Cyber Risk Quantification – % Breach Likelihood and $ Value at Risk

Vidit Baxi, Co-founder & CISO

More information will be announced soon.


Building sustainability into your web presence

Filip Bruun Bech-Larsen – CTO, Umbraco

The IT industry is responsible for 3-4% of global CO2 emissions. As a tech vendor, we have a responsibility to help our customers and partners deliver digital experiences in the most sustainable way.
In this session, we’ll share best practices on how to build sustainability into your web presence and deliver insights to help you minimize the climate impact of your website by diving into initiatives that will help you reduce carbon emissions.


Taking your customers beyond expectations with future ways of communicating

Magnus Åhgren, Head of Group SaaS Portfolio

The future’s currency is data – but how can you best use it to excel your communication? We’ll show you how get a smart communication strategy that not only benefits your company, but creates happy and loyal customers. Meet the future communication reality that is possible today.



08:30 – 09:00
Check-in and breakfast

09:00 – 09:15
Welcome and introduction by Nexer CEO Lars Kry

09:15 – 09:45
Talks and panel discussion around sustainability and processes development

09:45 – 10:15
Keynote: “Managing digital transformations, disruption, and innovation”

Jonas Kjellberg, Founder, Chairman of the board at Nornorm.

10:15 – 10:35


10:35 – 11:05
Talks and panel discussion about Security

11:05 – 11:25
Panel discussion around integrated Communication

11:25 – 11:45
Keynote Microsoft: “The Secrets of engaging and motivating hybrid working co-workers.”

Thomas Floberg, COO, deputy country manager and Member of Microsoft Sweden Leadership team

11:45 – 13:00


13:00 – 16:20
Parallel breakout sessions with partners

16:20 – 16:45
Sum up the day

Mingle, drinks and snacks