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Managing challenges in Asset Lifecycle Management

The amount of asset information needed to run any plant is dramatically increasing over time. The authorities require more and more information, and the complexity is constantly growing.

Digitalization means access to correct, relevant, and secure data; Asset Lifecycle Information and Documents continuously being updated fast and securely, linked to all objects in your plant in structured ways to be searchable and constantly maintained. Still, this is often done differently by different stakeholders. That’s the challenge, but is there any solution? 

Managing challenges in Asset Lifecycle Management

Recorded version of the webinar


Yes, there is. You can manage your information and documents based on the ISO/IEC 81346 standard. During our webinar on November 3, 10:00-11:00, we will discuss how the standard can help you with efficient and secure information handling through the whole asset lifecycle, supporting the information flow from construction, via the suppliers to the asset management, and even the financial system. And, finally, how you can manage the information debt.  


We will also show how Nexer Asset Management 360 Cloud Suite (Nexer AM360), which we launch in December, offers you capabilities to excel in Asset Lifecycle Management, or depending on where you are on your digitalization journey, allowing you to take the initial steps. In Nexer AM360, the ISO/IEC 81346 standard is an enabler, supporting Enterprise Asset Management, Asset Lifecycle Management and Predictive Maintenance in an efficient and structured way to achieve synergies and values.  
Included in the Nexer AM360, you will also get access to our RDS-Guide (Reference Designation System) based on ISO/IEC 81346, showing you how to structure and label the plant objects according to standardized best practices and common language. 

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When: November 3, 10:00-11:00
Where: Online – we will email a link a few days before the webinar
R.S.V.P. October 29

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