Data-Driven Sustainability Webinar 1 - All you need to know about EPD | Nexer
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All you need to know about epd

Nexer presents the first webinar in a series on Data-driven Sustainability, guesting EPD International AB

“Minimizing climate change is no longer a purely voluntary commitment. Market regulation is steadily turning into legal compliance and for many industries nonfinancial reporting on corporate and product level is mandatory already.” Sebastiaan Stiller, CEO, EPD International AB

As a manufacturer and or distributor in the EU you need to prepare or comply to the new demands on environmental product declarations in the CSRD as well as answering up to new demands from owners, investors and consumers.

In this webinar Nexer has invited the CEO of EPD International AB, to talk about why EPDs are important and what strategic value it can have for a company, and moreover go through the process of building and verifying Environmental Product Declarations based on LCA data.

The date for this webinar has passed.

Watch the recording here!

Or read more about Data-Driven Sustainability here


Sebastiaan stiller

Sebastiaan Stiller holds an MBA in Sustainability Management and joined EPD International in 2018, being appointed CEO in 2020. He has extensive experience in sustainability and business development from previous positions within industry, consulting and research in Europe and Sweden. As CEO of EPD International, Sebastian has expanded the company’s international presence and promoted harmonisation with other industry actors.


Anna enarsson

Anna Enarsson is a dynamic force in the realm of data-driven business practices and master data strategy. She is also part of the passionate team behind the development of Nexer’s cutting edge solution Footprint Data Management that enable companies to effectively, and strategically manage their environmental product data for compliance and sustainable growth.