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Always with the individual in focus

When we help our customers become successful in e-commerce, we always start with the user. Not from technology. With the user in focus, we create intuitive and personalised shopping experiences. If you feel it is about time to give your customers an unforgettable experience at their next shopping opportunity, we are there to support you

A one-stop-shop in

We know that customers’ demands on you as an e-retailer can sometimes feel overwhelming. They expect the lowest price, personalised shopping experiences, reliable customer service, a wide range of payment solutions and not least free returns and free shipping. And at the slightest dissatisfaction, they go straight to your competitor. Let us help you get some peace of mind. With Nexer as a partner, you get someone who has been living and breathing e-commerce for 30 years. Together with you, we develop sustainable e-commerce strategies and innovative, user-friendly e-commerce solutions that strengthen your brand and make your customers more loyal. And if you lack in-house expertise, we have a whole team of experts at your disposal. Welcome to Nexer – a one-stop shop in e-commerce.


Without a well-thought-out e-commerce strategy, it isn’t easy to succeed. Together, we create a successful plan based on your needs, clear visions and goals, competitor and customer analysis, the customer’s purchase journey, communication, marketing and technology. Based on the strategy, we tailor the best solution for you. We create the strategy at the company level and implement it in your everyday business. During the process, we often find business opportunities you had no idea existed. We can also help you with cross-border trading, discover new markets, create growth plans or improve your daily routines.


Well-thought-out design from a user perspective gives the customer a satisfactory and frictionless user experience. A well-thought-out design converts potential clicks into actual purchases and makes the customer return the next time it’s time for a purchase. And in addition to this, the visual design should reflect your brand and give a sense of who you are and what you stand for. Good visual design is what informs your customer about your products in an easily accessible way. We can help you with a variety of things in the design area. Below are some examples.

User experience design
Usability/user testing
User interface design
Digital design systems
Digital innovation
Digital strategy
Inclusive design
Customer journey
Micro animations
Research and insights


Nexer Maverick is independent and not tied to specific technology vendors. We always choose the solution that is best for you. Within the Nexer Group, however, we have specialists who master all the major technology platforms. We base everything we do on technology and getting as much as possible out of technology – on behalf of our customers. Whether you need a programmer, a whole team of developers, a specific technical solution, or want to create something new from scratch, we can help you. We have experts in all vital technology areas and offer system development, testing, IT architecture, infrastructure, advanced analysis, IoT and much more. No matter what business strategy you have, we can match it with technology. And we fill our portfolio with new technical areas of expertise every day to be constantly at the forefront.


If no one knows that your business exists, it does not matter if you base your e-commerce on the world’s most sophisticated technology platform. We help you tell better stories that touch the recipient and make you stand out in the crowd. And once your customer is on your website, we make sure that the communication is easy to understand and attractive. The goal is to give the customer a positive shopping experience that makes them return. At Nexer, we involve everyone when we guide a customer through an e-commerce site, support a journey of change or make technology more accessible. Our UX designers, copywriters, storytellers and accessibility experts will do their utmost to give you that special feeling of technology, design and communication in a beautiful combination.

We create strategies at the company level and help you implement them in your everyday business. And we can give you just as much help as you need today and in the future. We have, for example, project managers, agile leaders and scrum masters, who are all experts in their respective fields and can help you realise your plans. You can even hire an entire team of experts. Below is a selection of our areas of expertise:

Analysis and strategy
Art Direction
Content strategy
Design sprint
E-commerce management
E-commerce architecture
Photo and film
Front-end development
Cross-border trade
Communication & marketing
Media production
Project management
Site audits
Social Media
Brand identity
Engineering project management
Growth strategies

Would you like to know more?

At Nexer, we are always there to help you. If you have questions or would like to discuss sustainable e-commerce, please fill in your details and we will be in touch.

Peter Knapp

Marketing & Digital Sales Manager