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Reached the point of no return?
Nexer Maverick helped when, one of the most well-known fashion destinations for young women in the Nordics, implemented a new digitalized return experience. A strategy and concept to better meet customer purchasing behavior and digitally manage returns was set. The result? Improved customer experience through the return process and less unnecessary returns.

the solution – ONE OF THE MOST LOVED FASHION DESTINATIONS FOR YOUNG WOMEN IN THE NORDICS. is one of the most well-known fashion and beauty e-commerce companies for young women in the Nordics. Through their focus on digital sales and innovative influencer marketing from the very start, they were pioneers when they launched in 2004. Today they have a vibrant community of customers.

Returns are a challenge for e-commerce
Returns are an integrated part of the offer for an e-commerce company, as their customers can’t try on pieces or feel the texture of different fabrics online. Managing these parts of the e-commerce business in a sustainable way is therefore vital to the success of any company in this field.

A strategy for returns

The project developed a return strategy with customer journey and efficient returns management in mind, and a concept for managing returns digitally and for implementing a POC (proof of concept) to support a smooth customer journey. The aim was to increase the possibilities to control and optimize the return flow and to reduce the number of unnecessary returns.

The Maverick delivery

– Interviews, workshops and analysis
– Competitor analysis and benchmarking
– Mapping customer journeys
– Recommendations to reduce returns
– Defined KPI:s to measure the effects
– System requirements for implementation

The outcome

a digitalized customer return experience

preventing return rate was able to prevent unnecessary returns, for example by using data collected from the digital return process to improve product descriptions.

optimize return freights

The solution enabled to control and optimize return freights.

smooth returns

A simplified and improved customer experience throughout the return process.

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