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Ikano bostad

How Strategy, UX & Tech improved conversion rates and customer satisfaction

the solution

building for the future

Housing company Ikano Bostad decided to move to the cloud, boost their technology and simultaneously optimise their website’s customer journeys. With a holistic approach to the task, Nexer Maverick and partner Unified Commerce helped Ikano Bostad with the transformation. By combining cutting-edge technology with well-thought-out CX and UX, a solid platform that enabled Ikano Bostad to drive innovation was created.


Through several pilot studies where Maverick interviewed Ikano Bostad’s different customer segments, they were able two put their two hypotheses to the test: what mattered the most to the customers, and how did they perceive the Ikano Bostad brand.

With gained insight, Maverick designed and developed the website to ensure a greater customer experience with improved conversion. The customer journeys were tailored to Ikano Bostad’s primary customer groups; those looking to rent, those looking to buy, and partners such as municipalities and city planners.

“I really think we succeeded in setting the bar and scope. We could see that we were on the right track in beta tests and had no problem reaching our milestones throughout the project. I also think we were great at challenging old truths together with Maverick. For instance, in the case of the red CTA’s which were a bit too alarming. Now the website is calmer and easier to grasp. That was one of those hallelujah moments.”
– Carina Persson, Product Owner at Ikano Bostad
simplified and user-centred design

By simplifying the user flow according to user needs, motivation and driving forces, a better experience and increased conversion was achieved – all in line with Ikano Bostad’s objectives.

With the approach “finding your way home”, Maverick optimised the website in order to make it easier for the user to make their choices; for example where to live, buying or renting, as well as more granular combinations of the available options.

The delivery

– Digital strategy
– Defined and developed design guidelines
– Workshops and pilot studies
– Customer insights (interviews, analysis)
– Customer journey mapping
– CX/UX trendspotting & benchmarking
– Website design
– User experience
– Implementation of Optimizely Cloud
– Strategy for conversion and retention
– Traffic and data analysis
– Creation of a beta site for quick feedback loops together with the customer
– Accessibility according to WCAG 2.1

the outcome


With a new cloud platform and brand-new design that paved the way for optimised customer journeys, Ikano Bostad now has the foundation to focus wholeheartedly on their customers’ needs. They can continuously improve their web content and, most important of all: analyse and explore their customer journeys even further. With defined KPIs and goals together with a standardised website, Ikano has been able to improve conversion and finally start A/B testing and tweaking the company’s messages in different geographic areas.

“The project has resulted in a completely new web with the visitor in focus and a customer journey tailored to the visitor’s needs – where Optimizely Cloud offers scalability and high speed in a stable and robust platform. With the help of the feedback we received from visitors and our solid knowledge in the area, we have been able to lift Ikano Bostad to the next level.”
– Carina Persson, product owner at Ikano Bostad