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Many Swedes have earned pensions from different companies and need to make choices, which many find difficult. Therefore, there is a general experience that retiring in Sweden is quite complicated. minPension requested a digital service where the users could overlook their entire pension and get concrete guidance on the journey to retire.


A digital, accessible service

Nexer Maverick was assigned to develop a concept for a digitalization of the Withdrawal Planner “Uttagsplaneraren” – a completely new service that would complement the already existing pension portal. A major focus was on ensuring an accessible interface. Through the whole designing phase there’s been usability and accessibility tests. Service-designers, UX-designers, UI-designers and Front-end developers worked together to create a feasable solution.

minPension’s digital service “Uttagsplaneraren” makes it easier for Swedes to plan their pensions.


greater understanding

Maverick provided a broad service for people with different levels of knowledge and need for support – a service that creates value on several levels, for the users and the pension companies. The service helps the users gain a greater understanding for their situation and different choices.

We took inspiration from minPension’s playful concept with the wooden building blocks, which has the purpose of making it easier to explain retirement. Here we wanted to show that you yourself “paint” the pension you want to take out through your choices in a newspaper ad.

“Other EU countries are completely stunned that we have come so far in Sweden. We are a world leader.”
Patrik Malmquist, Director of development at minPension
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