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How to connect your retail employees, drive engagement and productivity

If you ask store employees what they need to be able to do a good job, they will likely answer information and communication. The information can deal with everything from what campaigns are currently up and running to company values. Access to information and ability to communicate and collaborate with your colleagues are crucial for a great employee experience and better customer service.


We know from long experience that connecting your employees and securing their access to the correct information at the right time can be challenging, especially if a retail company has many physical stores spread over several geographical locations. So, how do you connect employees, strengthen company culture, and make the employees feel included? One effective solution can be creating a digital workplace based on cutting-edge technology – like Microsoft 365 – to make communication and collaboration impactful, engaging, and fun. So, what are the critical building blocks in a successful digital retail workplace built around Microsoft 365, according to our experience?

Building block number one – Microsoft Office 365 and Teams

Microsoft 365 has become a crucial digital workplace platform for many organisations. One of its advantages is that you get the same experience, regardless of your location and device. One of the most popular tools in the Microsoft 365 suite is Teams, which is used, for example, for communication and collaboration but also for sharing documents, notes, and plans. You can use Teams also for training and upskilling of personnel. How can you use it to create a better retail work life?

How you can utilise Teams within retail

The employees in a retail environment often have very specific needs – mainly because of the rotating schedules and many extras during weekends and summer holidays. If you have Microsoft Cloud for retail, you can work with the built-in retail scenarios to get the most out of Microsoft Teams for your retail organisation. There are several to choose from, like in-store communication, cross-store communication, virtual fitting and consultations, simplifying business processes, corporate communications, and onboarding of employees. In addition, you can use the various templates to quickly set up the teams you need, including channels and apps required for your business.

Building block number two – a good intranet solution

When employees are spread between stores, departments, and physical locations, it becomes more challenging to coordinate and share essential updates and news. For this, you need a great intranet. How do you choose the right intranet solution for your organisation? If you have a Microsoft 365 set up, your intranet should integrate with Teams, the employee experience platform Viva and the rest of Microsoft 365.  

The solution should be flexible and easily adaptable to your needs – and offer a seamless employee experience within the digital workplace in Microsoft 365. It should be easy to maintain and keep updated. And finally, the solution should provide tools to reach your audiences with the correct information and features to help you engage your users and drive user adoption.  

We support you allthe way

At Nexer Worklife, we specialise in delivering digital workplace, and intranet solutions based on Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams, and Microsoft Viva. We offer solutions out-of-the-box on Microsoft 365, custom development, and our own intranet solution, Core Connect. It’s built on SharePoint Online and integrates with Teams, Viva, and the rest of Microsoft 365. Our focus is on usability and providing sustainable solutions that are always up to date and can be continuously improved as the technology evolves. We support you every step of your digital worklife journey in Microsoft 365. Whether you are planning a small or significant change, our team of 50 experts is here to help you succeed!

We offer a free two-hour assessment

Would it be interesting to know how Microsoft Teams, Viva, and our lean and light intranet solution, Core Connect, could offer your employees a better digital employee experience while enhancing your business? We offer a free consultative assessment with one of our digital worklife strategists. Please fill in the form and submit it. We will return to you as soon as possible to schedule a meeting.