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web Analytics 2.0

Unlock business critical insights with modern web analytics

In the business world, data is king. The ability to gather, process and act on data is what sets successful companies apart from the rest. This is where data analytics comes in. By using powerful analytical tools and techniques, businesses can make better decisions based on real-world evidence rather than gut instinct.

Our team gives you the edge over your competition with the implementation of analytics tools such as Matomo, Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4). We’ll unlock your data’s hidden potential to track conversions, analyse your customer journeys as well as other trends, gain insights for business decisions, and take a more informed approach to your growth.

How we improve your business

Nexer Maverick’s team of web analysts provide valuable insights into the behavior of your website visitors: what pages they visit, how long they stay on your site, and what actions they take. Based on this information, your website can be optimised to better meet the needs and preferences of your customers. Additionally, we help you identify any technical issues or performance bottlenecks on your website and recommend solutions to improve the user experience.

The result is measured as increased engagement and conversions, ultimately driving more sales and revenue for your business. In addition, we improve the measuring of the effect of your marketing campaigns, allowing more informed decisions about your marketing budget allocation – and maximised return of investment.

time to upgrade

why Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

With the end of Google Universal Analytics (UA) just around the corner, digital marketers are asking one key question: Is it time to dive into Google Analytics 4? Short answer: yes! But let’s talk about why.

On July 1st 2023, data collection through UA will come to a halt and be replaced by Google’s new measurement protocol GA4. This shift means more flexible and expansive tracking capabilities as well as powerful insights into customer journeys. Events – as opposed to sessions – are tracked more granularly for greater insight. Plus, advanced privacy controls like cookieless measurement systems are included as standard. What’s more: direct integrations to media platforms mean companies can take action faster, smarter, and more accurate than ever before.

With our vaste experience in complex implementation, configuration and data analysis, Maverick is a solid choice when your business needs a partner to manage your final switch to GA4!

Google Analytics 4

GA4 offers a range of new features and enhancements that make it easier than ever to track and analyse the performance of your website. With GA4, you’ll be able to get a more detailed and accurate view of your audience, their behavior, and the success of your marketing efforts. One of the biggest benefits is its enhanced user-level reporting, which allows you to track individual user behavior across multiple devices and sessions. GA4 also offers improved event tracking and enhanced measurement capabilities as well as a new user interface that is more intuitive and user-friendly. Are you ready to implement but need assistance, or are you looking for expertise in conversion tracking or data analysis? We have expertise in GA4 and would love to help.

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adobe analytics

Adobe Analytics is a web analytics solution that helps businesses understand customer behavior and track the effectiveness of their marketing campaigns. Some of the key upsides of using Adobe Analytics include comprehensive data collection and analysis capabilities, customisable reports and dashboards, real-time insights and integrations with other Adobe products such as Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target. Looking for expertise in Adobe Analytics? Reach out and let us help you with implementation, analytics, conversion tracking and more.

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matomo analytics

Matomo is a powerful web analyst tool that helps businesses gain valuable insights into their website performance. With Matomo, you can track detailed visitor behavior, measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, and optimise your website for better conversions. Some of Matomo’s benefits include real-time analytics so you can see how your website is performing in real-time, customisable dashboards that lets you show the data that matters most to your business, advanced segmentation, event tracking of specific events such as clicks and form submissions, and the ability to track multiple websites form a single dashboard. Need help with implementing Matomo, conversion tracking or data analysis? We’re here to help.

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let’s get analytical

Need assistance with advanced analytics implementation of GA4, Matomo or Adobe Analytics? Or do you have a platform in place but need deeper insights into customer behavior and data-driven strategies for your business? Get the expert advice you seek – contact us today.

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