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Skyrocket your retail sales with Dynamics 365 Commerce

Are you in retail, and have you invested in a Microsoft ERP platform and would like to get the most out of your commerce with as little handwaving as possible? Then, maybe you should consider adding Microsoft Dynamics 365 Commerce. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 cloud-based ERP as a base, and MS Dynamics 365 Commerce as an add-on, you get an intelligent, scalable, and easily maintainable commerce solution that will take your retail to the next level.

The set up with Dynamics 365 Commerce

With the add-on Dynamics 365 Commerce, you get a solution that enables seamless commerce across all your channels. To configure and utilise Dynamics 365 Commerce, you need an installation of Dynamics 365 Finance and Supply Chain Management as a base. Are you curious about Dynamics 365 Commerce? Why not book a demo! 

Everything you needfor retail success

Dynamics 365 Commerce includes sales, mobility, intelligence, and productivity. Through MS Dynamics 365 Commerce, you can improve your business in a cloud-first and mobile-first way – offering complete support to a wide range of business processes. Everything from e-commerce, clienteling, and point of sales to call center, merchandising, inventory, and channel management. At the same time, you give your customers a unified, immersive experience across physical and digital channels.


Do you want to find out more about Dynamics 365 ERP? Why not contact us! 



Do you want to find out more about Dynamics 365 Commerce? Why not contact us! 


Combining MS Dynamics 365 ERP and Commerce

What are the benefits of adding Dynamics 365 Commerce to your retail setup? There are many, and here are the main ones:


You can deploy Dynamics 365 Commerce in the cloud or on-premises. Microsoft ensures you can easily add extensions or customisations without impacting the core product through a so-called sealed deployment model. MS Dynamics 365 Commerce is easy and swift to implement. You can also add functions through your network – with just a click – to customise your e-commerce solution to fit your specific needs.


Integrating Dynamics 365 Commerce with other Dynamics solutions is swift and seamless. Examples are Dynamics 365 Finance &Operations, Office 365, Azure, and Power BI (data visualisation). You can also integrate services like Dynamics 365 Fraud Protection, Dynamics 365 Customer Insights, Microsoft Bing for Commerce, and lots more.


Since Dynamics 365 Commerce is deployed in the cloud and updated automatically, you always have the latest superior security installed. Through the platform’s built-in Fraud Protection, you can check all online transactions, determine a fraud score, and accept or reject a transaction.


Dynamics 365 Commerce has cutting-edge data visualisation and AI tools, supporting you in making the right timely decisions. And through advanced analytics tools, you get access to data-driven forecasts based on insight about your customers.


Since Dynamics 365 Commerce is cloud-based, it is speedier to implement and comes with a relatively low start-up investment, giving a better ROI. And as the upgrades are easy to perform, you will always have the latest features.

Improved inventory management

Dynamics 365 is a reliable inventory management system producing accurate inventory data. And the users manage and optimise inventory across channels.


You get an advanced synergism across existing and coming channels to improve customer satisfaction, regardless of channel.

Accelerated eCommerce sales

By implementing the eCommerce module, users often see a noticeable increase in sales very quickly.

These are just some benefits you get when combining MS Dynamics 365 ERP with MS Dynamics 365 Commerce.

Why let Nexer be your partner?

Why should you let Nexer be your partner when implementing Dynamics 365 Commerce? We know the Microsoft product flora like the back of our hands, being Microsoft Gold Partners and having made hundreds of implementations. And we believe in Microsoft as a complete platform, an Ecosystem, where you can solve most of your retail challenges. But we don’t just implement a solution and walk away. We favour long-term partnerships with our customers. We take responsibility for delivering a complete solution, which encompasses everything from e-commerce strategy and implementation to application management and specialist consulting within e-commerce.