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Would you like to enhance customer loyalty by more accurate predictions about what your customers want and need – maybe even before they know themselves – while saving time and money and contributing to a reduced carbon footprint? Then predictive logistics is something for you. Predictive logistics aims at optimising the entire supply chain achieved through data collection, AI, machine learning, and thorough data analysis. A cloud-based, scalable ERP platform constitutes the basis for that.

Getting to know your customers

Let’s say that you, for example, sell shoes via a webshop, and on average, customers return a pair of shoes eight-nine times before they end up at a customer that keeps them for good. How can you reduce this waste of time connected to the return administration and the environmental loading that come with the returns – and make your customers happier and more loyal? It all boils down to getting to know your customers on a deeper level by collecting as much data about them as possible, using this data to enhance your forecasting, predict their needs, and offer them tailored solutions. How?

Reducing the carbon footprint

You invest in a solution that allows your customers to download an app and take photos of their feet so that you can collect their data. The app measures their feet and presents several shoes in the correct size – minimising the return frequency, making the customer happy, and reducing the environmental impact. All customer data is saved since the app connects to your cloud-based ERP platform. But the virtual shoe fitting data is just one piece of the puzzle of getting to know your customers.

Traces everywhere

Your customers also leave traces on your webshop, and should you sell your products in a physical store – the customers leave traces here too. You can utilize this data to make stable forecasting; what will the customer be asking for next time they visit your webshop so that you on beforehand can stock up? And what products seem to be of less interest to your customers, giving you a chance to market and sell the less sought-after products as early in the season as possible. Also, with more knowledge about the customers and the individual size requirements, you can target more additional sales in the form of personalised offerings. With a clear connection to the customer base, you can control the supply of goods more in relation to what you expect your customers to purchase. Virtual shoe fitting is just the beginning of the era of virtual fitting in retail. Soon customers will be able to try clothes and gloves virtually.

ERP – the heart of your retail ecosystem

The backbone and heart of your retail ecosystem is a modern, cloud-based, and scalable ERP platform, such as MS Dynamics 365. All your business-critical information is gathered and analysed on this platform through machine learning and AI. The MS Dynamics 365 platform gives you the supply chain optimisation support needed to provide your customers with what they want when they want it. Here we at Nexer come in. We have long experience implementing MS Dynamics 365 – or upgrading old legacy systems – and can also help you with software like virtual shoe-fitting and retail strategies and support you in setting up your predictive logistics.

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