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If you transport sensitive, valuable or time-critical goods, you are most likely aware of the risks – and costs – that deliveries can entail. Cargo can be stolen, destroyed, misplaced or delayed without you, as the person responsible, knowing about it. With Sony’s Real-time Cargo and Asset Tracking Solution, Visilion, you’ll know exactly where the cargo is, but also its temperature, whether it’s been exposed to sunlight or high humidity, and whether it’s been bumped or damaged. All in real-time. And not only does the system give you complete visibility – you can also use it to pinpoint bottlenecks and optimise your supply chain to make your organisation more efficient and profitable.

here’s how it works

Visilion is an enterprise end-to-end solution for global real-time cargo tracking and supply chain visibility.

The solution consists of trackers with GPS and sensors for temperature, humidity, shaking, inclination and light. This comes together with a cloud service and a web interface that is accessible from any connected device. The system is multi-modal and can monitor goods travelling by sea, rail, road or air. Data is continuously uploaded, collected and displayed in the web application so you can make better, and more informed decisions.

the benefits

Stay ahead of time-critical cargo

Delays in the supply chain go hand in hand with high and unforeseen costs. With a global real-time asset and cargo tracking system, you can get information about delays as early as two to four days before the goods are due to arrive, so you can take proactive measures such as compensating the customer. Because you track the goods in real-time, you can then see exactly when they arrive and have been delivered.

Securing sensitive or valuable cargo

There are several reasons for wanting to have a clear view of what is happening to sensitive or valuable cargo during the journey. For example, food cargo needs to be handled carefully and kept at a specific temperature. For particularly sensitive products, such as vaccines, this is even more critical. For high-value goods, you can ensure that they are not damaged or stolen en route. You can also get information if products are tilted incorrectly, bumped against something or subjected to vibrations. With all the data in one place, it’s easy to see where an incident may have occurred, and who is responsible for it.

Optimise the supply chain 

With all the data collected by the system, you can gain insights into your supply chain. You can discover bottlenecks you didn’t know existed and find better ways to manage processes and different types of goods. There’s also a sustainability perspective. With optimised global deliveries, there’s an opportunity to spend less fuel and save time in the logistics chain. Overall, the benefits will create happier customers while making your own business more profitable.

Ready for a more robust supply chain?

Moving towards a more efficient, profitable and secure supply chain couldn’t be easier. With Sony’s proven technology, your organisation can get up and running quickly on its own and test all the benefits that come with the system. If you want to take a holistic approach right from the start, or after you’ve been testing the solution for a while, we at Nexer Smart Industries are here to help you with baseline analysis, business analysis and mapping out how you can make the best use of Sony Visilion. Contact us today and we’ll tell you more.


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