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Internet of things & real-time data

We help clients create or update an IoT-based (Internet of Things) infrastructure for existing products or take new connected products from concept to production. We don’t offer you any off-the-shelf products. Everything we do within IoT and real-time data are custom-built; we build your intellectual property with you. You don’t buy a platform from us. We base the solutions we develop on platforms such as Microsoft Azure – with ready-made components.


We have vast experience working with IoT in many industries, including med-tech, where we have developed connected products for cardiology. We have experience working with Enterprise IoT architecture, which you need to integrate into your operations to reap its full benefits. We have helped startups – which have an idea for a product to be connected. We have deep knowledge in IP and IPR, something fundamental because, as you know, ideas are often easy to steal.


Why chose Nexer? We offer an all-inclusive IoT service with everything from hardware to software and connectivity. We have been in the business since 2013 and have built several successful IoT solutions in various industries. We are a dedicated team of experts that only work with IoT, know each other well, and are highly synced. We are fast, knowledgeable, and agile, and you pay less for our services than you would with other suppliers since they have to put together a new team every time they get an assignment.